Hello everybody! It’s Mara here and today I have a post on the Springbok. Springboks are an animal if you’re confused about what a Springbok is. I’m writing about Springboks because on the fabulous game called Wonder Zoo you can collect Springboks! I wanted learn more about this beautiful animal so that is why I’m doing this post! Before we start this post a quick thank you to en.wikipedia.org and classic.worldbookonline.com. I hope you enjoy this post everyone!

Springboks are look kind of like gazelles and antelopes and the tiniest bit like elk and deer. Springboks are known for springing up to 6.5 feet in the air! The scientific name for the Springbok is Antidorcas marsupialis. Springboks are most commonly found in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa.

Springboks are graceful, long, and slender. The Springbok is most times in a total a length of about 59 – 77 inches. Also both genders have horns unlike some other kinds of species. There is usually more then one main color on the Springbok. Some colors are white, tan, reddish tan, brown, black stripes. The horns usually are black an have a little black tuft on the end of the horn.

Springbok’s diets usually contain of grass and water from a nearby watering hole. Springboks can also go without water in the dry season. Sometimes they can go years without water! In very extreme cases Springboks can live without ever drinking any water!

Leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and lions are the Springbok’s main predator. Pythons are able to take down Springboks as well. Most antelope species such as Pronghorn and Gazelle, there population is shrinking but strangely enough the Springbok’s [who is also part of antelope species] population is going up!

Springboks are amazing animals there very interesting animals to study! I hope you enjoyed this post!

– Mara

Bitter Sweets

Hi Jammers! Today I have a post on the monthly adventure of October our first monthly adventure called Bitter Sweets. This was my all time favorite adventure. So here are some cool things about it!

Bitter Sweets is a very fun adventure! The object of the adventure is to defeat the proto – phantoms. When you click on a Proto – Phantom you get candy! When you get 50, 200, 400, 700, and 1,000 candy pieces you get a prize which i’ll list below.

Made: October 2014

Ended: November 2014

50 candy pieces:

  • Candy Streamer
  • Candy Wall Lamp
  • Lollipop Stand
  • Chocolate Covered Apples
  • Candy Shop Chair

200 candy pieces

  • Candy Shop Window
  • Candy Shop Table
  • Candy Flower Patch

400 candy pieces

  • Candy Shop Register
  • Candy Barrel
  • Candy Making Machine

700 candy pieces

  • Candy Shop Fence
  • Candy Shop Sofa

1,000 candy pieces

  • Taffy Pulling Machine
  • Chocolate Peck

I have the following objects from Bitter Sweets:

  1. Candy Streamer
  2. Candy Wall Lamp
  3. Chocolate Covered Apples
  4. Candy Shop Chair
  5. Candy Shop Window
  6. Candy Shop Table
  7. Candy Flower Patch
  8. Candy Shop Register
  9. Candy Barrel
  10. Candy Making Machine
  11. Candy Shop Fence
  12. Candy Shop Sofa
  13. Chocolate Peck Statue

Of course, I didn’t do this post all on my own, I had some help from the following website:


It’s a fantastic animal jam fact filled website, check it out if you haven’t already.

~ Marigold55




Heart Table

Hello Jammers! I’m back with a quick post about the heart table!

Colors: There are ten different colors of the Heart Table… the colors are brown, pink, red, black, blue, white, yellow, dark blue, green, light blue.

Price: 400 gems


  • It’s comes in many different colors!
  • It’s a good size for a table.
    Heart Table in my Gingerbread Den!

    Heart Table in my Gingerbread Den!

    The heart table in the stores.

    The heart table in the stores.


  •  It’s quite dull, I wish Animal Jam could add some heart shapes to the table.
  • The prize is quite unreasonable because the animated pizza dart board is 350 gems and this un-animated heart table is 400 gems. It just doesn’t make sense to me!!!!!!

Well, that’s our quick report on the Heart Table!

~ Marigold55


Pizza Parlor Light

Hello Jammers! Today, I’m reporting on the new Pizza Parlor Light.


  1. It turns on and off.
  2. It is a reasonable price.


  1. It’s quite small, I’d rather have it bigger.
  2. Even though the light turns on and off it’s a little dim.

Adios jammers! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts. Also there are some photos below

Your jammer,


The Pizza Parlor Light off.

The Pizza Parlor Light off.

The Pizza Parlor Light on.

The Pizza Parlor Light on.

The Pizza Parlor Light is 400 gems. Pretty reasonable.

The Pizza Parlor Light is 400 gems. Pretty reasonable.

What I Got For Christmas 2014!!!!!!!!

What I got from Santa:

  1. Animal Jam Giftcard [3 month membership, 6,000 gems, and 10 diamonds.]
  2. Geronimo Stilton episodes
  3. Spirograph Set

What I got from my Grandma, Mom, and Dad

  1. Modeling Clay to make american girl doll food
  2. A headband with a rhinestone and flowers
  3. A headband with rhinestones ordered in rainbow color
  4. Shirt with guitars on it
  5. Bear paw fashion boots
  6. Extreme dot to dot [ one of them goes over 1,000!]
  7. Unspoken Track
  8. Cudd Duds Leopard Print Shirt
  9. Cudd Duds Yoga Pants
  10. Great Lakes Mystery Book
  11. Bible for Kids
  12. Leopard Print Slippers
  13. Ipod Touch


The 4th day of Winter Break

Today was an amazing Tuesday. So first off, my BFF and I went to the movie theater and saw the new Annie movie.  It is a great movie, I rate it a 5 on a scale 1 – 5. 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. It is a tiny bit scary and sad toward the end, otherwise it was exceptional!!!

After the movie we went over to my BFF’s house. We hung out for 4 – 5 hours!!!!! We did Hanukkah together as well!!! Tonight is the last night of Hanukkah!!! We had a ton of fun. My BFF just moved kitty corner from my house. She has a pool at her house and no siblings!!! I’m so happy that she moved kitty corner from us. We have so much fun together. Well, have a great night!!! BYE!!!!

Your BBFF, [ Best Blogger Friend Forever]


P.S What do crocodiles like to drink? Gator – Ade. Ha ha ha.

Operation Christmas Child #2

Hi everyone! I’m  so super excitied. We made the goal! The goal was 1,437 shoeboxes as you might have heard in the last few posts. Our actual number though was………….[drum roll]……1,601!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, I know it is amazing. Here is the story.

We learned what we were supposed to do in the church. Each person was supposed to pack 26 boxes, which I did.We went down the main stairwell, got a box from the Sunday School Hallway. Ran in to a Sunday School room and put some labels on the boxes and then ran up a secret stairwell. There we ran in to the church, then in to Fellowship Hall. In Fellowship Hall we went to stations and filled up our boxes. We then took them to be checked, finally we took them to the counting area. It was so amazing. We were basically running like crazy cheetahs around our church. I commented that this might be the only time I would every be able to run through church. So then some of the confirmation kids loaded the boxes in to their parents cars. Then they took them to a collection center where they will ship them to Samaritan’s Purse. Time to start collecting for next year!

Your buddy,