Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to share with you one of my poems I wrote on the way from Illinois. I hope you enjoy!

Life by Mara

Tears of eternity

Laughs of moments

Hearts of gold

Pain of the past

Cries of the lost

Smiles of the found

Trees of life

Winds of peace

Sunrises of hope

Sunsets of rest

First laugh

Final tear


Also, I was typing this up, my mind drifted off to between 7th and 8th hour. My reading teacher [who is awesome] said that she hoped she was alive when I became a writer someday. That made me so happy! Well I hope you enjoyed my poem. Bye!



Hi everyone! It’s Mara, here with a post about where I was all weekend! I hope you enjoy the post!

Over the weekend I went to Naperville, Illinois for a concert. I left school early on Friday, came home and we left for Illinois. It is a long car ride there and we didn’t want to get stuck in traffic [we still did] so that’s why I left early. We got to Downtown Naperville and had dinner at the deep dish pizza place, Lou Malnati’s. We then went to little stores around the downtown area of Naperville. We looked at some books at Anderson’s Bookstore, then headed over to Sur La Table to look at cookie cutters, after that we decided to go look at some cool games at Marbles, finally we settled down at Starbucks with some treats from Le Chocolat de Bouchard. I had a Cotton Candy Macron from Le Chocolat de Bouchard and a Frappula Frappuccino from Starbucks. Then we checked in at our hotel, and went to bed.

On Saturday, we woke up and went to Corner Bakery for breakfast. Then we went back to our hotel to rest up before we went out exploring for the day. I played my favorite game on my IPad, Looney Tunes Dash. After that we got some delicious sushi for lunch at Rotary Sushi, they have the best Green Tea Cheesecake there ever! After Rotary, we went to Westfield Mall, it had a big carousel and a train. It lots of tiny little stores, they had this store called Furry Babies. It sold purebred puppies. My mom and I admired a little dachshund puppy. Then, we left Westfield and headed over to Danada Square to get some Bundt Cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes. We went back to the hotel, my mom relaxed in her bed, my dad played on his IPad, and I read up in my special window seat looking out over the city. Then all of a sudden the fire alarm went off. It was so scary! We got our shoes and walked out of our room, down the emergency exit stairs. We walked down the long 11 staircases, then headed outside with everyone else. The Paramedics and Fire Fighters came. They inspected the building throughly. It turned out to be lots of powder from the people working on the roof. Then we went to dinner at Corner Bakery [again.] We headed over to the concert at Yellow Box Church. There were more than A 1,000 people. We saw Mr . Talk box, Francesca Battistelli, and Matthew West. It was a really good concert. Matthew West and his band gave out candy to all the kids! Since, it was Halloween.

This morning we woke up then went to breakfast at Corner Bakery [for the 3rd time.] Then we came back to the hotel and packed up getting ready to check out of the hotel. We then headed back to Downtown Naperville. We walked the Riverwalk and checked out lots of stores. We had lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill, then we saw a little group of people gathered by the pet store Two Bostons. We headed over, they had all these dogs in cages outside. We found another dachshund puppy named Opie. We then headed back home, and had dinner. That’s brings us pretty much up to the present.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Bye for now!

Country Round – Up

Hi everyone! It’s, Mara here and today I have a country round – up. All the countries are from the last 30 days [a month or so.] I hope you enjoy!

United States – 498 Views

Australia – 63 Views

United Kingdom – 44 Views

China – 16 Views

Spain – 15 Views

India – 12 Views

France – 10 Views

Mexico – 6 Views

Singapore – 4 Views

Canada – 4 Views

Philippines – 3 Views

Malaysia – 2 Views

Indonesia – 1 View

Austria – 1 View

Italy – 1 View

Venezuela – 1 View

Well, that is my country round – up! I hope you enjoyed the post! Bye for now!



Cool Facts About Christopher Columbus

Hi everyone! It’s Mara here, and today my post is about some cool facts about Christopher Columbus. Why am I doing a post on Christopher Columbus all of sudden? Well, today in social studies we were studying Christopher Columbus. We were assigned 3 pages of questions and had to read pages 72 – 88 in our text books. It was hard and it took a long time but in the end I was glad we had been assigned this homework, because I had learned so much more about Christopher Columbus. Today, I’m going to share some of this interesting facts with you! I hope you enjoy them!

  1. Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy
  2. Christopher Columbus was inspired to become an explorer because of Marco Polo’s book.
  3. Christopher Columbus asked many kings and queens of Europe to fund his 1st trip to “China.”
  4. Christopher Columbus brought 17 ships and 1,200 men on his 2nd voyage to the new world.
  5. On Christopher’s 1st voyage to America he brought 3 ships The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria.
  6. Christopher faced a large meadow of slimy seaweed while in the Sargasso Sea on his 1st journey.
  7. Once Christopher reached “China” he realized it wasn’t China, and then he thought he had landed in the Indies [Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.]
  8. Christopher Columbus started an Agricultural Revolution.
  9. One of questions in our packet asked “Columbus never brought back gold and silver but he did bring back lots of vegetables. Some Europeans say that this was more important than any gold Columbus could have brought back. Why do you think they say that?” I responded in my answer, “well health is worth way more than gold. The stuff that the Europeans had been eating was probably quite unhealthy. After, they got the fresh and healthy vegetables, they would be healthier.
  10. Columbus believed South America was the Garden of Eden from The Bible.
  11. The enemy that attacked Columbus and his crew on Columbus 4th journey was worms. Yes, worms they ate through the bottom of Columbus’s boats, and they weren’t able to sail anymore
  12. I believe that the most important thing Columbus did was bringing back more healthy foods to Europe.


I gained lots of facts while doing this packet. I hope you learned a few things as well. Bye for now!



Hi everyone! It’s Mara here and today I have a very, very special post. I hope you enjoy it!

So, on Friday night I went to a concert with my family. At the concert we saw The Afters, Unspoken, Chris August, and Among the Thirsty. After Unspoken, one of the members talked to us about an organization called Compassion International. Compassion helps children in poverty in different countries around the world. Compassion takes pictures of the child then puts them on their website. There people, can choose to sponsor a child. Then you can send letters to the children whenever you like, you can even go visit them!

My family talked about it yesterday and today and then this afternoon we decided to sponsor a child. I got to choose as well. I choose a 7 year old girl named Eliane [Elle-e-on-a] who lives in Brazil. Eliane has 4 siblings, and she loves to run and play with dolls. I’m very excited to start sending letters to her!

This is the site address for Compassion,  I hope you enjoyed my post today! Bye for now.

Battle of the Books

Hello everyone! It’s Mara back with an exciting update about Battle of the Books. Enjoy!

Well, today was the finals! My team the Rockin’ Readers made it along with a boy team called Script Wizards. Their were 3 people on each team. We headed to the library when school started. We had our first battle there. We each answered 16 questions. The questions were the tiniest details in the story that you don’t remember so it was a really tough round. At the end of the battle my team the Rockin’ Readers had 96 points, and the Script Wizards had 93. Then we had a battle during recess, where our teams faced off in the Board Room with all the parents watching and all the other Battle of the Book participants who didn’t make it to the finals. It was really scary in front of a huge crowd. The questions were randomly picked and it ended up being the Script Wizards got the questions we thought were easier.

It was just luck of the draw and the Script Wizards won 1st place. At least, my team got a trophy for 2nd. The trophies are really cool! They have a marble base and the trophy part is made of a mix of metals. It’s really cool! After that we had a party for all the Battle of the Book Particpants. We had brownies, rice krispie bars, chocolate strawberry bars, juice, water, licorice, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, etc.! It was super fun. My team didn’t win but we still tried our hardest and gave it our best! It was a great experience I will never forget!


Hello everybody! It’s Mara here and today I have a post on the Springbok. Springboks are an animal if you’re confused about what a Springbok is. I’m writing about Springboks because on the fabulous game called Wonder Zoo you can collect Springboks! I wanted learn more about this beautiful animal so that is why I’m doing this post! Before we start this post a quick thank you to and I hope you enjoy this post everyone!

Springboks are look kind of like gazelles and antelopes and the tiniest bit like elk and deer. Springboks are known for springing up to 6.5 feet in the air! The scientific name for the Springbok is Antidorcas marsupialis. Springboks are most commonly found in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa.

Springboks are graceful, long, and slender. The Springbok is most times in a total a length of about 59 – 77 inches. Also both genders have horns unlike some other kinds of species. There is usually more then one main color on the Springbok. Some colors are white, tan, reddish tan, brown, black stripes. The horns usually are black an have a little black tuft on the end of the horn.

Springbok’s diets usually contain of grass and water from a nearby watering hole. Springboks can also go without water in the dry season. Sometimes they can go years without water! In very extreme cases Springboks can live without ever drinking any water!

Leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and lions are the Springbok’s main predator. Pythons are able to take down Springboks as well. Most antelope species such as Pronghorn and Gazelle, there population is shrinking but strangely enough the Springbok’s [who is also part of antelope species] population is going up!

Springboks are amazing animals there very interesting animals to study! I hope you enjoyed this post!

– Mara