Restaurant Review – Yo Mama!


My frozen yogurt I had at Yo Mama!


This is a picture of the Yo Mama!

Yum! That was good frozen yogurt. Yo Mama! has the best frozen yogurt of all. I went to the one in Shorewood. When you walk in you get to pick your frozen yogurt. There are different kinds of yogurt every day. Today I had Cake Batter.  Then there is a counter right behind the frozen yogurt table. It has m&ms, sometimes sprinkles, rainbow sunflower seeds, and nuts. Then there is another counter that has other treats too. It has cookie dough, marshmallows, Oreos, white chocolate chips, chocolate chips, and lots more. There is also Hot Caramel and Hot Fudge. Then you pay. Yo Mama! has the best frozen yogurt of all.  They have a blog at


History for Kids – Today is John Tyler’s Birthday

imagesHappy birthday John Tyler! John Tyler was our 10th president the United States. He was born in the year 1790 in Charles City Country, Va. He died on January 18, 1862 in Richmond, Va. John Tyler lived for 82 years. John Tyler had the largest family ever to live in the white house. He had  15 children. He had two wives but not at the same time. His first wife Letitia had 8 children and his second wife Julia had 7 children. John and his wives had something called a party for kids. When William Henry Harrison died John Tyler became president. John Tyler said that when a president dies the vice president should become president. Also, John Tyler is my 3rd favorite president. President John Tyler was a very amazing guy.

A Visit to Evergreen

Today wore me out. I went to visit my great grandma who is 91 years old. I got tired after the party because I was running around with second cousin who is two years old. The people at the party were my second cousin, my mom’s cousin, my great uncle, my other great uncle, my grandma, my great grandma, my  great aunt, my mom, and me. We first said “hi” to everyone. After that we went to the cafeteria to have lunch. I was about have roasted turkey with cranberry sauce but instead I said to myself  “I  better stay to seasonal food.” So I had a grilled cheese, cauliflower, and a soda. My cousin and I passed out chocolates to the people in the cafeteria while we waited for our food. After lunch we passed out treats to the waiters. We got a dollar bill from a man we knew there. Next we went to look for easter eggs with treats and goodys in them. There were goldfish crackers, jelly beans, chocolates, and stickers. We keep on hiding the easter eggs until it was tIme to go home. I had a great time at the party. This was a fantastic day.

My Allergy Test Pt. 3

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I do not have tree nut allergy anymore. I can eat so many things now. I can eat almonds, walnuts [even if I don’t like them], pecans, pistachios, cashews, and coconut. I stayed at the hospital for 9 hours or more! Today is the best day ever. Sorry if I am getting too emotional. It is just really amazing not to have a tree nut allergy anymore after like four years. I can eat cookies with almond extract as well. Just like my Grandma said for one of my comments that the nurses would be nice —  it was true. It did get a little boring over time though.

I have so much more food to explore. I have a whole new world out there waiting for me. I can not wait to start exploring nuts. As you can see,  this has been an amazing day for me.

My Allergy Test Pt. 2

Now I am at the hospital.  First, I had an IV. It was the hardest part.  I had to have it inserted twice because I have really small veins.  Then I tried almonds.  They tasted really good.  My skin didn’t even react to them.  Next we will do walnuts.  That’s all for now!

It is 11:30.  I just ate walnuts.  They were very bitter.  At least it was covered with cinnamon and sugar.  I feel good.  I do not have a rash.  Next I am going to try pecans.  The pecans were salty.  They were delicious!  I had no reaction.  Next I tried pistachio.

The pistachios were buttery and tasty. Before I had the pistachios I didn’t want to have them because they were green.  Next I am going to try cashews.  I have been here for 5 1/2 hours! Yum! I now know why people like cashews. The cashews were so yummy. I did not react to them either. Then I tried coconut. I did not like the coconut that much. The nurse told me it would taste better if it was real.   I did not react to coconut either. I am so excited I did the test.

History for Kids – Something That Saved Lots of American People’s Life

Have you ever heard of polio? Polio is a powerful disease. It can make people paralyzed. More kids got it than adults. If you were a kid and living in the 1940s and 1950s there would be a pretty good chance you would get polio. Today in history Jonas Salk announced his polio vaccine for America to use. He published in the year 1953.  Jonas tested the vaccine before it was safe to use it for all for America. He first tested on his wife and his three sons. He won a congressional gold award. His whole name is Jonas E. Salk. His middle name is Edward. I am so happy that Jonas invented the vaccine — it saved lots of American people’s life.

If you want to read a good chapter book about polio one I recommend Small Steps: The Year I got Polio by Peg Kehret. It is a autobiography.

School Lunch Blog Swap!

The Turtle of Happiness blog and I are doing a blog swap.  “Mr. Turtle” is 9 and goes to school in South East England, about 50 miles away from London.  We are each writing on the topic of School Lunch.  His responses are below, and mine can be seen on his blog at
1. Do you have treats/dessert for lunch?
Yes there is a dessert every day. It is usually something like cake and custard or jelly and ice cream (also known as Jello). You are not allowed chocolate bars or fizzy drinks. Sometimes I have a biscuit with my lunch.
2. Do you have to eat everything on your plate for lunch?
No, but if the teachers say you haven’t eaten enough then you have to eat more.

3. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch at school?
I like a home made flapjack. It is made of oats. I like it when they do Christmas dinner at school

4. Do you have a salad bar?
Yes there is a salad bar. It’s optional so you don’t have to take anything from it but usually people do. It has croutons, lettuce and other stuff. I don’t usually use it but I have fruit and veg in my lunch box.

5. What kind of tables do you eat at?
We have rows of 3 tables together. We used to have two tables for each class but now you’re allowed to sit wherever you want.

6. Can you bring a lunch to school?

Yes, this is what I mainly do. You’re not allowed to bring in any nut products like peanut butter because some people have allergies.