History for Kids- Today is Grover Cleveland’s Birthday

Grover Cleveland’s birthday is today! Grover Cleveland’s real name is Stephen Grover Cleveland so his first name is Stephen. Grover Cleveland was our 22nd and 24th president. He was president twice. After his first term as the 22nd president ended he liked his job so he decided to run for president again. He didn’t win the race though. Benjamin Harrison our 23rd president won instead so Grover Cleveland had to move out of the White House.His wife said on there way out ” take care of the furniture, we will be back in four years.” Grover Cleveland got pretty mad that Benjamin Harrison won. So when Benjamin Harrison ran for president a second time Grover Cleveland did too. Grover Cleveland won! Grover Cleveland was the only president married in the White House. Francis Folsom was Grover Cleveland’s wife. Francis and Grover were the only ones to have a baby in the White House. Baby Ruth candy bars were named after one of Grover Cleveland’s daughters, Ruth. Grover Cleveland was a very honest man.



3 thoughts on “History for Kids- Today is Grover Cleveland’s Birthday

  1. So many presidents’ birthdays these days. You must love this blogging thing….only time will tell what the next entry will be…I will be waiting.
    Tickled Pink,
    Mrs. Mak

  2. Yes there have been a lot of president’s birthdays these days. Today there was Grover Cleveland. On Saturday there was James Madison and on Friday there was Andrew Jackson.

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