St. Patricks Day and Easter

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!


This is my American Girl Doll Josefina

Today was so cool because I got to celebrate St. Patricks Day and Easter. My  Mom, Dad, my two Grandma’s and my Grandpa, from Milwaukee were at the party. My Uncle and my my Uncle’s Girlfriend from Madison were a the party and my Aunt from Alabama was at the party. We first when to First Watch the Daytime Cafe. I had their Fresh Fruit Crepe.  I could of had their Chocolate Chip Pancakes but I didn’t. Then we went back to my Grandma and Grandpa’s apartment. We went to the party room. At the party my Aunt gave me a American Girl Doll Josefina —  in Spanish Hosefina. The party was really fun I had a great St.Patricks Day and


5 thoughts on “St. Patricks Day and Easter

  1. Hi…lucky you. I like reading your blog. We should get you and Rozzy for a play date soon. She has a doll like yours.

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