My VIP Week Pt 1.

Yeaa!  My VIP week is almost here. VIP means [very important person]. My VIP starts on April 8th, 2013. My VIP week is at school. In K5 it was called VIK. VIK means [very important kindergartener]. On Monday we bring in our poster. At the top of the poster it says “All About me Tee.” You can color in the letters. You can also bring in 5-10 pictures.  On Tuesday you can bring in a favorite toy or something you collect. I am going to bring in state quarters for something I collect.

On Wednesday we do a wordle. It is called Wordle Wednesday. People ask you a question or give a comment about you then write it down on the computer. On Thursday an adult like your mom or dad comes in to read your favorite book. On those days we usually skip math. Finally on Friday we get to stay in for recess to play a favorite game. You can chose pick a couple friends to play the game with you. As you can see, I am super excited for my VIP week.


2 thoughts on “My VIP Week Pt 1.

  1. Well I am so glad you are so excited about VIP. It really is a special time. Can you believe you have waited almost 130 days of second grade for this?
    Well another awesome blog entry. XO
    Tickled Pink,
    Mrs. Mak

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