My Rock On Party


My rock I made in the first classroom I visited.

Today was a great day! It was a great day because of my rock on party. The rock party comes after the rocks and minerals unit. It takes place at my school. Only the 2nd graders get to do it because we did the rock unit. We go to visit all the 2nd grade classrooms and do different activities at each of them. First in the first classroom we made a pet rock. You take a rock then think of something it looks like.  We used Sharpie markers to decorate. I made a self-portrait of my self on the rock.

It was a lot of fun in the second classroom. We ate Rocky Road ice cream while watching a Magic School Bus about rocks. In my blog post My Allergy Test Pt 1.  I told you that I was allergic to tree nuts and there are nuts in Rocky Road. I had Vanilla ice cream. Which I think all the other kids in my class would pick too. It was a lot of fun. The third class was a lot of fun too. We listened to a story the teacher told the class called The Big Rock Candy Mountain. Then we had treats also with nuts in them so I had three tiny Oreos. Then we sang songs. The one I sang went like this “Opal, Opal,Opal bo bopal fe fi fo fopal Opal.”

Finally, we went back to our class. In our classroom we played Rock Jeopardy. The teams were girls against boys. The money was not real though. The girls won 14,00 dollars and the boys won 18,00 dollars. So the boys won. The hardest question was probably ” What kind of of rock makes statues? The answer was marble and granite. We had lots and lots of fun. It was the best Rock On party ever.


6 thoughts on “My Rock On Party

  1. Sounds like you were “rocking around the clock”. Rock Around the Clock is the title of one of the first rock and roll records ever and made in the 1950’s when I was a teenager.

  2. Wow…I am thrilled you liked it. The teachers really wanted a treat for all our special second graders and I guess it worked. I will share your excitement with the other teachers. So proud of your hard work. Enjoy Spring Break.
    Miss you already….
    Tickled pink,
    Mrs. Mak

  3. I love the way you made glasses for your rock! Very creative, Mara. I used to make “pet rocks” too when I was younger with the seemingly endless supply on the shores of Lake Michigan. Collecting rocks at the beach is one of my most favorite things to do. I collect rocks with little holes in them and make necklaces, and also rocks that are shaped like hearts. Maybe when I come to visit we can paint a rock for each other! I LOVE spending time with you; you help me tap back into the creative part in me.

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