Restaurant Review – Yo Mama!


My frozen yogurt I had at Yo Mama!


This is a picture of the Yo Mama!

Yum! That was good frozen yogurt. Yo Mama! has the best frozen yogurt of all. I went to the one in Shorewood. When you walk in you get to pick your frozen yogurt. There are different kinds of yogurt every day. Today I had Cake Batter.  Then there is a counter right behind the frozen yogurt table. It has m&ms, sometimes sprinkles, rainbow sunflower seeds, and nuts. Then there is another counter that has other treats too. It has cookie dough, marshmallows, Oreos, white chocolate chips, chocolate chips, and lots more. There is also Hot Caramel and Hot Fudge. Then you pay. Yo Mama! has the best frozen yogurt of all.  They have a blog at


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Yo Mama!

  1. It sure is a treat to eat such yummy yogurt and choose your own toppin’s.. yum is right. My kids and I skipped lunch one day and did frozen yogurt and toppin’s as our lunch. It was one of our Spring Break treats….now I’m tempted, by your review, to try this one.
    Tickled pink,
    Mrs. Mak

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