History for Kids – Today is James Monroe’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to our 5th president, James Monroe.  All the ladies in his time thought he was so cute. James Monroe was born on April 28th, 1758, in Westmoreland Country, Virginia. His vice president was Daniel D. Tompkins. James Monroe died on July 4th, 1831 in New York, New York. He was the 3rd president to die on July 4th because Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4th as well.

I am wondering if James Monroe got so fancy because he was sent to France by Thomas Jefferson. France is pretty fancy.  Thomas sent James to France to buy the vast Louisiana Territory. James Monroe’s times were known as the “Era of Good Feelings.”


James Monroe here.

The first wedding in the White House  was when James’s daughter Maria got married. The coolest thing about James Monroe was when he went for reelection no one in the whole United States ran against him.  James also wrote the Monroe Doctrine. It said that North and South America were ready to defend their side of the Atlantic Ocean.  They did not want Europe to set up any new colonies. “Hands off America.” He was president from 1817 – 1825. His wife was Elizabeth. She must have been proud to be such a cute guy’s wife. James Monroe was a cute and fancy president.


History for Kids – Today is Ulysses S. Grant’s birthday

Happy birthday 18th president. I also mean Ulysses S. Grant. He was our 18th president. He was born on April 27th, 1822, in Point Pleasant, Ohio. His 1st vice president was Schuyler Colfax and his 2nd was Henry Wilson. Ulysses died on July 23rd, 1885, in Mount McGregor, New York. He was the  General of Union in the Civil War. Some people thought Ulysses should run for a 3rd term as president. He also wrote a book about his life. He was president from 1869 – 1877. He got the nickname ” Unconditional Surrender.” His wife was Julia Grant. He helped the North win the war. He left the army in 1854. He also hated the sight of blood. This guy is so amazing because he helped our country so much to win the Civil War. He was a great general and a honest man.

History for Kids – Today is James Buchanan’s Birthday


James Buchanan

James Buchanan was an o.k. president. He wasn ‘t great like Lincoln though. He was the 15th President of United States. He was the only president that was not married. His niece acted as First Lady. He was born on April 23rd, 1791 in Cove Gap, Pennsylvania. He died on June 1st, 1868, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His vice president was John Cabell Breckinridge. His time as president lasted from 1857 – 1861. James Buchanan thought they didn ‘t need a debate over slavery because the Constitution said slavery was allowed.   Again some think ” all men are created equal” some still don’t think that thought. I think America is a great place but we still can always keep improving on America.


Harriet Lane

A Poem I Wrote for School

This is a Poem I wrote for my spelling homework at school.


by Laine

Today I feel pretty betrayed.

I feel like am am going to decay.

I am going to move to where it is estate.

I am never going to say hooray

I am just going to complain.

I am going to throw my grapefruit on the floor.

I am not going to my friends parade.

I am just going to complain more and more.

I am not going to be pretty and dainty.

I am not going to refrain.

I am not going to do anything!

I am going to keep complaining, complaining, and complaining.

I am not going to school.

I am not going to see the animal trainer at the zoo.

I am not going to eat my raisin.

It is getting cold in our house so my mom puts a layer of clothes on me but I pull them right back off.

I am not going to color with my crayons.

I am not going to do anything!

I am just going to keep complaining, complaining, complaining, and complaining.

Go Green on Earth Day Week

This week I have some questions. I think most of you know that this week is Earth Day. Here are some questions to think about.

. how many bags do you bring home from the store in one week?

. how many miles do you travel in one week?

. how much water do you use in one week?

. how much trash do you throw away that is food in one week?

. how much paper do you use in one week?

. how much electricity do you use in one in one week?

You can report back to me on one of these questions in one week. You can answer in my comments. I am going to count how many bags I bring home from the store.

Our Delightful Field Trip Pt. 1

Yesterday was great because we went on our second field trip of the year to the Mitchell Park Domes. I went with the rest of my class. Last time we went on a field trip to the play Pinkalicious. It was a success for most of the girls. For most of the boys it was it was not quite a success. Oh, and you should of seen my teacher — she loves loves pink. On our way to the school bus she went in to one of the 3rd grade classrooms and said “it is time for Pinkalicious”.

Now back to this field trip. We had to do a scavenger hunt. It had plants and animals on it. There are three domes you can go into. The Desert dome, the rainforest dome, and the show dome. The tour guide lead 2 of the second grade classrooms to her office at a time. My class and another class were the first ones to go in. We learned what plants do for us. I think most of us knew that already though. Then it was time for the real adventure. If you want to know what we do in the domes I will tell you in my next blog post.

Museum day with Dad Pt. 2

Image 6

Half of the Tree.

Then after we adventured the first floor we went to lunch. I had pizza, sun chips, and water. My dad had pizza and a ice tea soda or something like that. We shared pretzel bits with cheese sauce it was the second best part of the meal. Then we went to the second floor it was also a great floor. It had almost everything indian. There was a tree stump they showed that was planted in 1342 and cut down in 1926. I think those are correct anyway. At our museum the special exhibit that is going on is Pirates. Boys and girls who like pirate  should go to this exhibit. It has a copy of a pirate ship that you could go on. There was a real guy dressed as a pirate doing very very silly dances. The whole exhibit is mostly focused on one pirate ship the Whydah. You could also could touch real  coins from the ship. The coins were actually touched real pirates! I smelled one it smells like a pirate very stinky.

The second floor was great. I hope someday you can see it.

P.S  The exhibit ends on May 27th, 2013.