Restaurant Review – Yo! Sushi

IMG_3352Yo Sushi! is a great place to have sushi. Yo! Sushi is in Washington D.C.  at Union Station. You sit at really high booths. The sushi comes around on conveyor belt. I had edamame, two pieces of tamago, and a Japanese soda called Ramune. The Yo! Sushi I am talking about is the only Yo Sushi! in the USA. There are a bunch of Yo! Sushi’s in England though.


A ramune.

I was not so sure about sushi and now I like it. Something that is good to drink at Yo! Sushi for kids is the ramune which is Japanese soda. When you open the ramune a glass marble drops down. Some good things to eat there that kids might like is edamame, a soy bean. A good type of sushi is tamago it is made of egg and rice. It has a seaweed wrapper. I hope you might want to go to Washington D.C and try to get to Yo Sushi!


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Yo! Sushi

  1. Sounds yummy….if you like sushi….which I do not. I guess I could try it again, but really have no desire. Now I could surely drink the fun and yummy soda for kids. Even though I am an adult..I love kid soda
    Tickled pink,
    Mrs. Mak

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