Restaurant Review – Arin Bert


The Chicken Shashlik


The Steak Lula Kabob


My plate of food

Today I went to a new restaurant in downtown Milwaukee called Arin Bert. Arin Bert has food from Armenia. They have great food. My dad had Steak Lula Kabob. My mom had the Chicken Shashlik. I ate both a little bit of the Steak Lula Kabob and the Chicken Shashlik. The Steak Lula Kabob has steak, beet salad, beans, pita, and rice.  The Chicken Shashlik  has chicken, pita, hummus, rice and pickled cabbage salad.


The amazing coffee

The steak was really really good. The  red beans were fantastic. The rice pilaf was amazing and the hummus and pita was stupendous. Some kids might think that the food does not look good but it tastes amazing. Lots of kids I think would like it. They also sometimes have peach cookies. Arin Bert has amazing food. The next paragraph is about  the amazing coffee.

Mara’s Mom here… guest writing on the subject of Armenian coffee.  This is a real treat that the grown-ups should try.  You can order at the walk-up counter when you order your food and the friendly staff will bring it to you at the end of your meal.  If you have heard of Turkish coffee, this is similar.  It is served in a small cup but it is not at all like espresso.  It is thick like hot chocolate and slightly sweet.  At the bottom of the cup are the coffee grounds – you don’t drink that part.  If you would like to learn more about the restaurant, you can search on Google for ‘Arin Bert Grill’.


3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Arin Bert

  1. Yummmmmmmmm!!!!
    Now this is more my style. You know sushi is not my thing but this…now this is what I call a night out.
    And the coffee…my mouth was watering just reading your mom’s description of the really yummy coffee!!!
    Tickled pink,
    Mrs. Mak

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