My VIP Week Pt .2

My VIP week at school was great.  Monday I brought in my ‘All About Me Tee’ poster and 10 pictures. I think the scariest picture is a photo of me with a  snake around my neck. Tuesday I brought in my state quarters collection. On Wednesday my mom came in to read to my class. The book was called … If you Lived in Colonial Times. It was great. On Thursday we did my Wordle. It looks fantastic. Then on Friday I brought in a game called United States Bingo. I played with two of my friends. Then I brought in a healthy treat. It has apple slices on the side of the cup. You dip the apples into a dip made out of cream cheese, cinnamon, brown sugar, and sugar. This was a fantastic VIP week!


2 thoughts on “My VIP Week Pt .2

  1. I am so glad you had fun. You sure were an amazing VIP!!!! I loved learning more about you. I think the favorite part for me was learning about teachers in the colonial times. So glad I am a teacher and not then.
    Tickled pink,
    Mrs. Mak

  2. I really enjoyed reading all about your VIP week. It is too bad I didn’t see the post before we saw you for lunch today. We could have talked more about what a wonderful week you had. Oh well, have a great field trip on Wednesday! Grandma

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