Museum day with Dad Pt.1

Yesterday was the best. I went to the museum with dad. No moms allowed! When we got there we went to the mammoth skeleton found 30 miles away from the Milwaukee Public Museum. Then, we went to The Third Planet :Earth. We saw a picture of a T- rex eating a dinosaurs. The T – rex actually makes the same sound as it did in the dinosaurs time. It is as loud as well. Then went to the Exploring Life on Earth exhibit. It was interesting. Then we went to the Butterfly Garden where you can touch real butterflies. I got three to land on my finger. One stayed for a minute, the next came for 10 minutes and the third for 15 seconds. Then Bugs Alive! There were a tarantulas and big black fat centipedes.

Next was the Streets of Old Milwaukee.  The Streets of Old Milwaukee has a real candy shop–yum. It has a double decker house as well. Dads might like the beer stand. Then I went to the two story Costa Rican rain forest.  It is great. The European village is great. You get to see what it was like in Europe a long time ago. I like the Polish and Italian houses the most. I will tell you more about my trip to the museum in another blog post.


One thought on “Museum day with Dad Pt.1

  1. I really enjoyed reading a more detailed account of your trip to the museum and both Grandpa and I had a great time with you and your mom and dad on Sunday. Love from Grandma

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