Museum day with Dad Pt. 2

Image 6

Half of the Tree.

Then after we adventured the first floor we went to lunch. I had pizza, sun chips, and water. My dad had pizza and a ice tea soda or something like that. We shared pretzel bits with cheese sauce it was the second best part of the meal. Then we went to the second floor it was also a great floor. It had almost everything indian. There was a tree stump they showed that was planted in 1342 and cut down in 1926. I think those are correct anyway. At our museum the special exhibit that is going on is Pirates. Boys and girls who like pirate  should go to this exhibit. It has a copy of a pirate ship that you could go on. There was a real guy dressed as a pirate doing very very silly dances. The whole exhibit is mostly focused on one pirate ship the Whydah. You could also could touch real  coins from the ship. The coins were actually touched real pirates! I smelled one it smells like a pirate very stinky.

The second floor was great. I hope someday you can see it.

P.S  The exhibit ends on May 27th, 2013.


2 thoughts on “Museum day with Dad Pt. 2

  1. Now how do you know pirates were stinky? Maybe they took a bath every Saturday night. I enjoyed reading about your fun at the museum.

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