Our Delightful Field Trip Pt. 1

Yesterday was great because we went on our second field trip of the year to the Mitchell Park Domes. I went with the rest of my class. Last time we went on a field trip to the play Pinkalicious. It was a success for most of the girls. For most of the boys it was it was not quite a success. Oh, and you should of seen my teacher — she loves loves pink. On our way to the school bus she went in to one of the 3rd grade classrooms and said “it is time for Pinkalicious”.

Now back to this field trip. We had to do a scavenger hunt. It had plants and animals on it. There are three domes you can go into. The Desert dome, the rainforest dome, and the show dome. The tour guide lead 2 of the second grade classrooms to her office at a time. My class and another class were the first ones to go in. We learned what plants do for us. I think most of us knew that already though. Then it was time for the real adventure. If you want to know what we do in the domes I will tell you in my next blog post.


One thought on “Our Delightful Field Trip Pt. 1

  1. Yes, yes, I do want to hear more about what you did at the Domes. And I didn’t even know that you got to see “Pinkalicious.” You have such an interesting life! Tell me more about Pinkalicious too.

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