History for Kids – Today is Harry Truman’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to Harry Truman. Harry Truman was our 33rd president. Actually his birthday was yesterday not today. Anyway he was born on May, 8th, 1884, in Lamer, Missouri and he died on December 26th, 1972, in Independence, Missouri. He had no vice president in his first term because he was finishing off the term for Franklin D. Roosevelt, but in his second term his vice president was Alben William Barkley. Also this is a fun fact that the S in his name doesn’t stand for anything.

Harry S. Truman won a close race against Governor Thomas Dewey New York. Harry’s Wife was Bess. Harry became a Senator, then a vice president who became president during the final months of World War 2, after Roosevelt’s death. Harry Truman was a very amazing president.



One thought on “History for Kids – Today is Harry Truman’s Birthday

  1. Very interesting, Mara! We just studied about Harry S. Truman in our history class here regarding the Middle East. A professor from UWM comes out to enlighten us each Tuesday.

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