My 50th Blog Post

Yahoo I did my 50th blog post today. It was called Mrs. Piggle Wiggle: A Book Review. Only 50 more until I get to Hundred and then I will do a blog post for that one too. For the people who have not read all my blog posts I will write some of the one’s people liked the best:

1. I  am going to met a T – Rex in Illinois

2. My Rock on Party

3. Freedom a Poem I Wrote

4. History for Kids Today is John Tyler’s Birthday

5. My Allergy Test Pt. 3

6. My Allergy Test Pt. 2

7. My Allergy Test Pt. 1

8. St. Patricks Day and Easter

9. Indians, Pueblos, Mountains, and Deserts = New Mexico Pt. 1

10. I Can’t Write a Poem

11. I Won a Molly Book

I hope you keep reading my blog posts. Thanks for Reading.

Your Blogger,



Mrs. Piggle Wiggle: A Book Review

Mrs. Piggy Wiggle is a very, very, very, funny book. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle lives in a upside down house and she was married to a pirate once. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is one of my favorite books. She knows how to cure problems here are some of them:

1. The Won’t Pick up Toys Cure that happens to Hubert

2. The Answer Backer Cure that happens to Mary

3. The Selfishness Cure that happens to Dick

4. The Radish Cure that happens to Patsy

5. The Never- Want – To -Go – To – Bedders Cure that happens to Bobby, Larry, and Susan

6. The Slow – Eater – Tiny – Bite – Taker Cure which happened to Allen

7. The Fighter – Quarrelers Cure which happened to Joan and Anne

This book was written by Betty MacDonald. This is the funniest book ever. I love it. There are lots of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle  books and this is only one of them. Thanks for reading,

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Country Round – Up #3

Guyana 1

Turks and Caicos Islands 1

Philippines 1

Russian Federation 1

France 1

Mexico 1

Norway 2

Jamaica 2

Viet Nam 2

Ireland 2

Turkey 3

South Africa 4

Japan 4

Republic of Korea 6

India 6

Singapore 8

Germany 12

Australia 14

Canada 90

United Kingdom 207

United States 1,392

I hope you like this blog post. I have been thinking if your country is like a number 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 you can look at my blog and try to race the other countries by as many times you read my blog. Next time I post a Country Round – Up you can see how much your country’s number has grown since the last time. Hope you try the game. Thanks for reading.

Your Blogger,


Indians, Pueblos, Mountains, and Deserts = New Mexico Pt. 4


Railrunner Train to Albuquerque at Railyard, Santa Fe

Dear Diary, 7 – 2 -13


Old Santa Fe Inn Breakfast

 We went down to breakfast. I had grapes, yogurt, cottage cheese,  a waffle, and  a croissant. For people who like mexican food I bet they would like the Breakfast Burrito. Then we went to the Railyard Station. There we went to the farmers market and  a playground. The playground was very fun to play on and I had lavender ice cream too.  Then we went to the world famous, country famous, or state famous Rooftop Pizzeria. It has very good pizza. Then we went to the trading post. I loved it. They had minerals, cowgirl and cowboy hats, and lots more.

Then we went to a dinosaurs shop. I know a lot about dinosaurs. It had real dinosaurs bones. Then we went to Five and Dime it had lots of postcards. I got 2 postcards and a Guatemalan worry doll. The lengend is the guatemalan children believe that before you go to bed at night, you tell one worry to your dolls. Put the doll under your pillow and when you get up in the morning your worry is gone.

Then we went to the candy store. We got Gummy Colas. “Yummm!” Later we went to get our rental car. It was red. The place we got our car was called Enterprize. Then we went home and I watched Horseland. Then we went to Blake’s LotaBurger. I would call it a world famous, country famous, or state famous place. I had a hot dog, apple slices, fries, and a strawberry shake. I am pretty sure they have a cherry shake too. GoodIMG_3693night Santa Fe thanks for sharing a wonderful day.

Your blogger,


Indians, Pueblos, Mountains, and Deserts = New Mexico Pt. 3


Raton, NM train stop. Boy Scouts leave train to go camping

Dear Diary, 7 – 1 -13


Rain in Northern NM

I woke up on the train today. We went down to breakfast. We sat with a woman from Virginia. She loves history like me.  I had grits with butter, scrambled eggs, and a croissant. Then we went back to our room. We stepped out of the train at La Junta, Colorado. Then right before lunch we stepped out at Raton, New Mexico. That is were the boy scouts left. Then we went to lunch. We sat with a woman from Ohio. She loves Nature just like me.  I had cheese pizza for lunch.

We watched the mountains, the elk, the deers, and the antelope. Then it started to thunder and rain. Finally we reached Lamy, New Mexico. John our assistant let us out. We took a shuttle to Santa Fe.

There are two floors at the Old Santa Fe Inn. There are about 20 rooms in the building. I was in room 2. We then went to the city. First we went to the Turquoise House. Second we went to the Plaza. Then we went to the chile shop were I got three postcards. We then went to a restaurant but then we found out it was out of beer so we went to a different restaurant. We went to a place called the Blue Corn Cafe. I had a Cheese – A – Dilla with pinto beans. Then finally we went to Starbucks where dad got  a New Mexico coffee cup. Thank you Santa Fe for sharing a wonderful day.

Your blogger, Mara


Living Room, Old Santa Fe Inn


Blue Skies in Downtown Santa Fe

Indians, Pueblos, Mountains, and Deserts = New Mexico Pt. 2

This is my diary I write when I go on vacation.


This is one part of my train room.

Dear Diary,  6 – 30 – 13


This is the other half of my train room.

I woke up the most excited I have ever been this morning. We were going to New Mexico. First, Grandma and Grandpa picked us up and took us to the train station. We got on the train to Chicago. When we got to Chicago Union Station, I had lunch at Corner Bakery. I had Mac & Cheese. Then we waited for the Amtrak in the Metropolitan Lounge. Then finally we boarded the Amtrak. Only we got our room mixed up so we moved to a different room. The other room we moved to was better. We then went to dinner in the dining car. I had Kraft Mac & Cheese. Then we waited for my bunk bed to be lowered down. I slept on the second bunk for part of the night and on the bottom for part of the night. Tomorrow we will reach New Mexico. Good night America thanks for sharing a wonderful day.

What do you like better the train or an airplane?