Indians, Pueblos, Mountains, and Deserts = New Mexico Pt. 3


Raton, NM train stop. Boy Scouts leave train to go camping

Dear Diary, 7 – 1 -13


Rain in Northern NM

I woke up on the train today. We went down to breakfast. We sat with a woman from Virginia. She loves history like me.  I had grits with butter, scrambled eggs, and a croissant. Then we went back to our room. We stepped out of the train at La Junta, Colorado. Then right before lunch we stepped out at Raton, New Mexico. That is were the boy scouts left. Then we went to lunch. We sat with a woman from Ohio. She loves Nature just like me.  I had cheese pizza for lunch.

We watched the mountains, the elk, the deers, and the antelope. Then it started to thunder and rain. Finally we reached Lamy, New Mexico. John our assistant let us out. We took a shuttle to Santa Fe.

There are two floors at the Old Santa Fe Inn. There are about 20 rooms in the building. I was in room 2. We then went to the city. First we went to the Turquoise House. Second we went to the Plaza. Then we went to the chile shop were I got three postcards. We then went to a restaurant but then we found out it was out of beer so we went to a different restaurant. We went to a place called the Blue Corn Cafe. I had a Cheese – A – Dilla with pinto beans. Then finally we went to Starbucks where dad got  a New Mexico coffee cup. Thank you Santa Fe for sharing a wonderful day.

Your blogger, Mara


Living Room, Old Santa Fe Inn


Blue Skies in Downtown Santa Fe


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