Indians, Pueblos, Mountains, and Deserts = New Mexico Pt. 4


Railrunner Train to Albuquerque at Railyard, Santa Fe

Dear Diary, 7 – 2 -13


Old Santa Fe Inn Breakfast

 We went down to breakfast. I had grapes, yogurt, cottage cheese,  a waffle, and  a croissant. For people who like mexican food I bet they would like the Breakfast Burrito. Then we went to the Railyard Station. There we went to the farmers market and  a playground. The playground was very fun to play on and I had lavender ice cream too.  Then we went to the world famous, country famous, or state famous Rooftop Pizzeria. It has very good pizza. Then we went to the trading post. I loved it. They had minerals, cowgirl and cowboy hats, and lots more.

Then we went to a dinosaurs shop. I know a lot about dinosaurs. It had real dinosaurs bones. Then we went to Five and Dime it had lots of postcards. I got 2 postcards and a Guatemalan worry doll. The lengend is the guatemalan children believe that before you go to bed at night, you tell one worry to your dolls. Put the doll under your pillow and when you get up in the morning your worry is gone.

Then we went to the candy store. We got Gummy Colas. “Yummm!” Later we went to get our rental car. It was red. The place we got our car was called Enterprize. Then we went home and I watched Horseland. Then we went to Blake’s LotaBurger. I would call it a world famous, country famous, or state famous place. I had a hot dog, apple slices, fries, and a strawberry shake. I am pretty sure they have a cherry shake too. GoodIMG_3693night Santa Fe thanks for sharing a wonderful day.

Your blogger,



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