History for Kids – July 4th was Calvin Coolidge’s Birthday

July 4th was Calvin Coolidge’s birthday. He was born in the year 1872. Beside being president he was a farmer, lawyer, governor, and vice president.   He had a raccoon named Rebecca. Calvin was an animal fan. He also got some exercise on a electric horse. He was quiet so he was known as Silent Cal. He was president for 7 years. He took oath for president in the middle of the night on his father’s farm in Vermont because that last president Warren G Harding died in the middle of the night and the United States needed a  president right away.


Calvin and Grace


Calvin Coolidge

He married a woman who taught  the deaf named Grace Goodhue. He was also a big joker like me. He once rang a bell for all the servants in the White House then he went in to a closet to hide. I am guessing he went into a closet. Calvin was shy but his wife was cheerful. Grace met Hellen Keller. There is much more about Calvin Coolidge so here are is a book I recommend  Smart about the Presidents and it is written by kids so it is really good.  Hope you check it out. Stayed tuned for more president stories. See ya all later.

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Thea Stilton – A Book Review

Thea Stilton is related to the Geronimo Stilton. This book is for girls though. It is about 5 girls from different countries. They are, Nicky from Australia, Colette from France, Violet from China, Paulina from Peru, and Pamela from Tanzania. They are mice.  Thea Stilton is a series.

books are:

1.  Dragon’s Code

2. Mountain of Fire

3. Ghost of the Shipwreck

4. Secret City

5. Mystery in Paris

6. Cherry Blossom Adventure

7. Star Castaways

8. Big trouble in the Big Apple

9. Ice Treasure

10. Secret of the old castle

11. Prince’s Emerald

12.  The Blue Scarab Hunt

13.  Dancing Shadows

I only read books 12 ,9, 5, 4, 2, and 1.  Book 12 takes place in Egypt.  Book 9 takes place in Alaska.  Book 5 takes place in Paris. Book 4 is my favorite and it takes place in Peru. Book 2 takes place in Australia.  Book 1 takes place at Mouseford Academy where the mice go to college. The 5 mice call themselves the Thea sisters after their teacher Thea Stilton.

Nicky wants to  be a ecologist when she grows up. Colette wants to be a fashion writer when she grows up. Violet wants to be a violinist. I Mara used to be a Violinist. Paulina wants to be a scientist when she is older. Pamela always wanted to be a car mechanic or sports journalist when she is bigger.

Well I hope you try out these books. They are so good. I could read them all day. Well good bye for now

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History for Kids – Today is Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Birthday


This is Lyndon’s wife Lady bird


Lyndon’s stamp

Today is Lyndon’s birthday. He is my favorite president of all times. Beside being president he was a teacher, rancher, US Senator, and vice president for John F Kennedy. His wife was Lady Bird. He also had two daughters Lynda Bird and Luci Baines. They also had a dog named Little Beagle Johnson and so everyone in the family had the initials LBJ.  He was president for 7 years. Lyndon drove fast and most of the time talked very loud like me but I don’t drive fast. He helped poor and elderly pay there medical bills.


Lyndon B Johnson in person

He also picked the first african american justice and he was Thurgood Marshall. Lyndon was born near Stonewall, Texas. Lyndon was born in the year 1908 and he died on January 22nd, 1973. His wife’s real name was Claudia. Lots of people had peace protests. The Vietnam War was going on during Lyndon’s time as president.  Lyndon B Johnson is so amazing. He did many good things. I really think he is the best president ever. I always liked him and Woodrow Wilson.  Thanks for reading.

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My Teacher

My school does not start until September 3rd. I think the best thing about school is that my mom is a lunch lady at my school. Her birthday is also September 3rd. My mom and I went to school on August 26th there we saw my 2nd grade teacher. Meet and Greet is August 28th but we also saw my 3rd grade teacher so that was exciting. I so wish my newest friend was in my class but at least she is down the same hall I am. My teacher is so sweet and kind. I still can’t believe I only have two years left at my school. My school’s grade levels are K4 – 4th. I am in 3rd grade. I started at my school in K5 not K4 and two of my friends did too.  My teacher this year has a blog .  I will be doing more posts on my school so stay tuned.

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Mom, Then Me

I had a fantastic day today.  Well, most of the day was fun.  It was like we had to do everything that was on my mom’s to do list then everything on my to do list. First, we went to the library to drop of a video – I guess I would not call that much of a chore. Then we went to CVS. I think that was our longest stop. In all, 5 mom stops. I think I said I want to go about 10 times. At least I got Reese’s peanut butter cups. They are my favorite treat besides 3  Musketeers Bar, Twix Bars, and Twix ice cream bar. I also got Orbit Bubble Gum. Then we went to the dry cleaner which neither me or my mom like. She doesn ‘t like it because it is hot and sticky in the dry cleaner.  I do not like it because it is the longest drive there ever.

Then, finally we got to do something I wanted to do. Going to Cumberland playground. We watched kids play musical chairs. Then mom and me did something we both liked — getting lunch at Einstein Bagels. My favorite is the everything bagel with cream cheese.  Now back to mom’s to do list. We went to Pick n Save.  After that Nehrings. That was the end of mom’s to do list

Now my to do list. I actually only had one major thing on my to do list. We did that first and that was going to the pool. I played with one of my BFF’s. We played Marco Polo. We also played mermaids and we played pretend swim team. We both know all the strokes in swim team because we were in swim team together this year. The other thing we played was horse. One of us got on each other’s back and we took them around the pool on our back. The last thing I did was play with my friends.  The kids on my block are these ages: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10. I played with the 3 and 4 year olds. I might play with the 5, 8 and 9 year olds tonight.  I hope you liked my blog post. Thanks for reading.

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Old World Wisconsin

IMG_3935-privateToday I went to Old World Wisconsin which is an outdoor museum about the 19th century . It is the most beautiful place on earth. There are lots of red pine trees. I got a sun bonnet. Then we went to the tram. On the tram we went to the German area and the Polish area. First, we saw Schottler farm in the German area.  We saw a big pig. Second, we went to Schulz farm also in the German area. At Schulz farm I saw two big oxen and I petted them. I also threshed hay to make it into rye bread. We also saw piglets not even 24 hours old. There were so cute. I also rolled bandages for the Civil War soldiers.  Then I went to the Kruza House in the Polish area.  I had strawberries. There were good. They also gave us

Me sewing a quilt square

Me sewing a quilt square

the leaves of the sage plant and the mint plant.  Then, we went to the Koepsell Farm in the German area. I sewed a quilt patch. I gathered eggs from a chicken pen.

Then we took the tram to the Norwegian area. I went to the Raspberry School. We did a quiz. The questions I answered were what 4 states border Wisconsin? We could only answer one so I said “Iowa.” The other question I answered was Who was the president in 1906. I said “Theodore Roosevelt.” I was right for both questions. Then we went to Kvaale and Fooebrekke Farm. I we did not do much at those two farms. We then went to the Danish area. We went to Pedersen farm.  Then we took a pathway to the Finnish area. We watched the gardeners there.

IMG_3921-privateFinally, we went home. Old World Wisconsin is the best place on earth. It is a really really fun place. Thanks for reading.

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Life in Paradise

IMG_3597-privateSince I have been so busy doing swim team and play dates I can barely every have time to think.  Sometimes I just like to sit by the computer and look out at the flowers, the red maple  tree, and the weeping willow tree in backyard. The marigolds, the zinnias, the red maple tree, and the weeping willow tree make it feel like a life in paradise. What I like about Wisconsin is that there is so many places to roam. For adventurous girls like me it is like a life in paradise.  I like living in the country better than in the city. The only big cities in my state are Downtown Milwaukee, Downtown Madison, and Downtown Green Bay.  I guess living on the country side of Wisconsin is life in paradise for me. I live on a great lake, Lake Michigan. I also like looking at the statues in my yard.  As you can see, Wisconsin is a life in paradise for me

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