Life in Paradise

IMG_3597-privateSince I have been so busy doing swim team and play dates I can barely every have time to think.  Sometimes I just like to sit by the computer and look out at the flowers, the red maple  tree, and the weeping willow tree in backyard. The marigolds, the zinnias, the red maple tree, and the weeping willow tree make it feel like a life in paradise. What I like about Wisconsin is that there is so many places to roam. For adventurous girls like me it is like a life in paradise.  I like living in the country better than in the city. The only big cities in my state are Downtown Milwaukee, Downtown Madison, and Downtown Green Bay.  I guess living on the country side of Wisconsin is life in paradise for me. I live on a great lake, Lake Michigan. I also like looking at the statues in my yard.  As you can see, Wisconsin is a life in paradise for me

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5 thoughts on “Life in Paradise

  1. You, miss Marabird, are a wise soul! Yes, Paradise is here in Wisconsin and all we have to do is open our eyes, slow down and look. See you soon!

    • Unkie Herb agrees with Marabird about Wisconsin except I like to look out the window and see the beauty of the trains that run on the railroad tracks across the street! 🙂

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