Old World Wisconsin

IMG_3935-privateToday I went to Old World Wisconsin which is an outdoor museum about the 19th century . It is the most beautiful place on earth. There are lots of red pine trees. I got a sun bonnet. Then we went to the tram. On the tram we went to the German area and the Polish area. First, we saw Schottler farm in the German area.  We saw a big pig. Second, we went to Schulz farm also in the German area. At Schulz farm I saw two big oxen and I petted them. I also threshed hay to make it into rye bread. We also saw piglets not even 24 hours old. There were so cute. I also rolled bandages for the Civil War soldiers.  Then I went to the Kruza House in the Polish area.  I had strawberries. There were good. They also gave us

Me sewing a quilt square

Me sewing a quilt square

the leaves of the sage plant and the mint plant.  Then, we went to the Koepsell Farm in the German area. I sewed a quilt patch. I gathered eggs from a chicken pen.

Then we took the tram to the Norwegian area. I went to the Raspberry School. We did a quiz. The questions I answered were what 4 states border Wisconsin? We could only answer one so I said “Iowa.” The other question I answered was Who was the president in 1906. I said “Theodore Roosevelt.” I was right for both questions. Then we went to Kvaale and Fooebrekke Farm. I we did not do much at those two farms. We then went to the Danish area. We went to Pedersen farm.  Then we took a pathway to the Finnish area. We watched the gardeners there.

IMG_3921-privateFinally, we went home. Old World Wisconsin is the best place on earth. It is a really really fun place. Thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “Old World Wisconsin

  1. Boy, I haven’t been to Old World Wisconsin probably since grade school. They certainly didn’t have a tram when I was there, but it has been probably 40 years since I was there so some changes are to be expected. Did your mom and dad let you bring home one of the piglets as a pet?

  2. I LOVED your report on Old World Wisconsin! I have NEVER been there but I have a pretty good idea what it is like from your writing. It must have been interesting to compare it with the ranch you visited in New Mexico. You look adorable in your long dress and sunbonnet—and congratulations on getting those history answers correct!

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