History for Kids – Today is Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Birthday


This is Lyndon’s wife Lady bird


Lyndon’s stamp

Today is Lyndon’s birthday. He is my favorite president of all times. Beside being president he was a teacher, rancher, US Senator, and vice president for John F Kennedy. His wife was Lady Bird. He also had two daughters Lynda Bird and Luci Baines. They also had a dog named Little Beagle Johnson and so everyone in the family had the initials LBJ.  He was president for 7 years. Lyndon drove fast and most of the time talked very loud like me but I don’t drive fast. He helped poor and elderly pay there medical bills.


Lyndon B Johnson in person

He also picked the first african american justice and he was Thurgood Marshall. Lyndon was born near Stonewall, Texas. Lyndon was born in the year 1908 and he died on January 22nd, 1973. His wife’s real name was Claudia. Lots of people had peace protests. The Vietnam War was going on during Lyndon’s time as president.  Lyndon B Johnson is so amazing. He did many good things. I really think he is the best president ever. I always liked him and Woodrow Wilson.  Thanks for reading.

Your history fan,



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