My Teacher

My school does not start until September 3rd. I think the best thing about school is that my mom is a lunch lady at my school. Her birthday is also September 3rd. My mom and I went to school on August 26th there we saw my 2nd grade teacher. Meet and Greet is August 28th but we also saw my 3rd grade teacher so that was exciting. I so wish my newest friend was in my class but at least she is down the same hall I am. My teacher is so sweet and kind. I still can’t believe I only have two years left at my school. My school’s grade levels are K4 – 4th. I am in 3rd grade. I started at my school in K5 not K4 and two of my friends did too.  My teacher this year has a blog .  I will be doing more posts on my school so stay tuned.

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One thought on “My Teacher

  1. Just one more day of summer vacation left; didn’t those months just fly by? I heard from your dad that you all went to “meet and greet” and then out to eat—there must be some inspiration for a poem in those words! Best wishes as you head off to third grade. I still think that you are growing up too quickly but there is nothing anyone can do about that. Just enjoy you, I guess!

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