Greek Myths, Demeter and Persephone

Leighton depicts Hermes helping Persephone to ...

Leighton depicts Hermes helping Persephone to return to her mother Demeter after Zeus forced Hades to return Persepone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will tell you about Ch. 2 of Greek Myths  ‘Demeter and Persephone’. Well Hades really wants to marry Persephone. So one day while Persephone is out picking flowers when Hades comes up from the underworld he grabs Persephone and takes her with him back into the underworld. Demeter, her mother, is panicking. She is asking everyone where Persephone is but no one tells Demeter.  It is too sad. She finally went to Apollo who saw everything. He told Demeter Persephone was in the underworld. Finally Hermes comes to get Persephone. Demeter is so happy only then something happens that make them so sad. You can find out what that is in Greek Myths.

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Greek Myths, War Among the Gods

The mythical Mount Olympus in northern Greece....

The mythical Mount Olympus in northern Greece. View from the town of Litochoro, in the roots of Olympus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that you know about the gods I will tell you a little bit about Ch 1 of Greek Myths. The first chapter is War Among the Gods. Well Cronus hears that someday one of his sons will overthrow him. So every time a son is born Cronus puts them jail.  Rhea, Cronus’s wife, tricks Cronus and doesn’t tell him that she had a son. She sends her son Zeus to a island. Zeus wants to overthrow Cronus and all other titans so he visits Atlas  and Prometheus. Atlas won’t help him though. Only Prometheus said “release the no name 50 headed 100 handed monster from the underworld. So Zeus did. Zeus, the monster, his brothers and sisters fought a long battle all the titans finally end up in chains the underworld.  The gods find the perfect place to live – Mount Olympus. The rest is for you to discover in Greek Myths.

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The Powers of the Greek Gods and Titans

Lately, I have been reading a book called Greek Myths. It is a chapter book. So I thought I would do all the chapters in different blog posts. So here is the book review for the Prologue.  The Greek people have a story or legend of what happened before the gods. Well first there was only Chaos whose power was nothingness and confusion and he would rule night. Erebus ruled over the underworld. Then these creatures formed Gaea, also known as Mother Earth and Ouranos also known as Father Sky. Then a monster appeared it had no name and it also had 50 heads and 100 hands.  Ouranos trapped it in the underworld. There was another monster called the Cyclopes. They had a eye in the middle of their forehead. Finally there was a third monster and it was the Titans.

Pallas Athene Statue

Now I will talk about the Gods and Titans and their powers. Cronus was the most powerful Titan. He ruled over everyone else. His son was named Zeus. Hyperion power was of sun, moon , and dawn and he was a boy. Mnemosyne power was memory she was a girl. Themis power was justice and she was also a girl. Oceanus, Tethys, Atlas, and Prometheus are some other important Titans.

Now I will talk about the gods. Well the ruler of all gods was Zeus. His power was rain. He could throw thunderbolts. Some people also call him Lord of the Sky. His wife was Hera. Her power was marriage and married woman. Poseidon power was ruler of the sea. He could shake the waves. He usually was somewhere near Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus is where the gods lived. Hades power was  of the underworld. Unlike Poseidon he was barely anywhere on land. He was on land in the story of Demeter and Persephone. Persephone was queen of the underworld. Demeter was Persephone’s mother. Her power was of corn, summertime, and harvest.  Athena was the daughter of King Zeus. Her power was City Life. Lots of people know her as a battle god.

Apollo was god of the sun. His palace was so bright barely anyone came to visit except for his son Phaeton.  You might think Hyperion was Titan of the sun. Only Apollo was a god and Hyperion was a Titan.  Artemis was Apollo’s sister. Her power was of children and a hunter. Aphrodite power was love and prettiness. She barely got mad ever. Hermes delivered messages to humans and to the gods.

Dionysus power was fun and laughter. He was sometimes very mean. He made humans feel like they could do anything. Graces were 3 sisters there names were Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia.  Finally there were the muses who were also sisters only there were 9 of them. Clio my favorite goddess because her power was history and  I love history. Urania was astronomy, Melpomene was tragedy, Thalia was comedy, Terpsichore was dance, Calliope was classic poetry, Erato was poetry, Polyhymnia was songs,  and Euterpe was lyric poetry. They were all sisters and they were all muses.

Those are some of the gods, goddess, and titans Thanks for reading

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Country Round – Up #4

Today we have school off for Rosh Hashanah and there is barley anything to do so I  am blogging. Now lets start this blog post.

United States 1,622

United Kingdom 229

Canada 93

Australia 18

Germany 12

Singapore 8

India 8

Republic of Korea 6

Japan 4

South Africa 4

Turkey 3

Viet Nam 2

Norway 2

Ireland 2

United Arab Emirates 2

Jamaica 2

Philippines 2

Guyana 1

France 1

Mexico 1

Turk and Caicos Islands 1

New Zealand 1

Russian Federation 1

I can’t wait to get more readers from around the world. I love to blog so I hope you keep reading my blog posts.

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My First Two Days of School

It was a busy first two days of school. I am in third grade already. Oh I almost forget to tell you that I have a locker. I share with a friend. The locker number is 373. Today is my second day of school.  I did my morning chores like DLR – Daily Language Review. Taking lunch account. Then we had math. We did bar graphs. My data question was,  ‘What is your favorite state?’ I got two for Washington D.C, two for California, seven for Wisconsin, and six for other.  Then we went to music class. We got to met our new music teacher.  She is from Colorado. Then we went to PE.  We just learned about the rules.

Then finally we got to go outside. I played helicopter, the French version of duck duck goose, and electricity. It was so fun. Then we had lunch and I finally got to eat my chocolate pudding in peace because yesterday I had to gobble up my pudding in about 30 seconds. There are only 20 minutes and sometimes only 10 minutes of lunch time. Then we went upstairs to our classroom. We put our lunches away then did readers workshop where we read books and share them with are reading partner. I brought a book called Thea Stilton and the Dragons Code. I  shared it with my reading buddy. Then we read a book are teacher picked out for us. I read My Brother’s Keeper: Virginia’s Civil War Diary. It is the best book ever. I love it.

Then we had second recess. My friend from France and I played the french version of duck duck goose again. It was so fabulous. Then we went back to the classroom for 45 minutes then went home. We took the book are teacher picked out for us home for homework.  At least tomorrow there is no school tomorrow . Well I better get back to reading my book!

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PS. my mom got the Addy American Girl doll for her birthday.