Kabul, Afghanistan

Today I am going to talk about a country in Asia called Afghanistan. First, the capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. The official languages in Afghanistan  are Pashto and Dari.  Afghanistan’s official name is Da Afghanistan Enteqali Islami Daulat [ in Pashto] and Daulat e Enteqali Islami Afghanistan [ in Dari.] Both mean Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The climate in Afghanistan is, Cold winter, hot, dry summers. The form of government in Afghanistan is Islamic Republic. Money in Afghanistan is Afghani.  Afghanistan’s national anthem is Soroud-e-Melli, “Hymn of the People.”


Afghanistan’s Coat of Arms and Flag

Some of Afghanistan’s mining goods are coal, natural gas, and lapis lazuli. Some of Afghanistan’s manufacturing goods are carpets, cement, leather goods, and processed  food. Afghanistan’s  Agriculture goods are barley, corn, cotton, fruits, Karakul Skins, mutton, nuts, rice, vegetables, wheat, and wool.  The highest point in Afghanistan is Nowshak which is 24, 557 feet. The lowest point in Afghanistan is Sistan Basin which is 1, 640 feet.

The head of the state is President and the Head of the Government is also the President. The population in Afghanistan is 35,153,000. The area of Afghanistan is 251,827sq m. The life expectancy for men in Afghanistan is  48. The life expectancy for woman in Afghanistan is 49.  For armed forces it is 53, 400 people. Finally, some famous places in Afghanistan are Balkh, Bamiyah Vally, and Band – e- Amir National Park. Well as you can see, there are lots of interesting things about Afghanistan. Good bye for now.

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