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Albanian map

Today I will blog about Albania. Albania is a country in Europe. Its capital is Tirane. It’s official language is Albanian.  Its  Agriculture goods are beef, corn, grapes, milk, potatoes, sugar beets, and wheat Its mining goods are chromate, copper, natural gas, and petroleum.  Its manufacturing goods are cement, food products, and textiles. It’s money unit is lek and it’s form of  government is democracy. It’s climate is warm, dry, summers and mild. It’s winter is wet along the coast and moderate in the mountains.

The area of Albania is 11,000. The population of Albania is 3,248,000. The lowest point in Albania is Sea level. The highest point in Albania is Mount Korab which is 9,068. The life expectancy for men is 73. The life expectancy for woman is 78. Some famous places in Albania are the Alps, Duntrint, Durres, Gjiokansten, Kruja, and Petrela Castle. Finally, the armed forces is 14,300. Well that is some stuff about Albania. Stay tuned for more

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