Woodchuck- World of Animals

Woodchucks are also called Groundhogs. They belong to the squirrel family. Woodchucks live in Canada and eastern and midwestern USA. Some kinds of food they eat are alfalfa, clover, beans, grass, peas, and grain. and other plants. It is a herbivore. The groundhog’s habitat is a forest.   Groundhogs dig burrows. They Hibernate in winter. Most know Groundhogs Day on February 2nd. The tradition is when a groundhog

English: Woodchuck

English: Woodchuck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sees its shadow there will be 6 more weeks of winter. If a groundhog doesn’t see its shadow spring will come early. Its scientific name is Marmota Monax. Its lifespan is 4 to 6 years. Wow! That is not very long. The woodchucks’ predators are people, snakes, birds of prey, coyotes, and wolves. The name of a baby woodchuck is pup. Well that is some animal facts. Bye for now.

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Herbivore: An animal that eats plants

Habitat: A special place an animal is made for

Burrows: A hole or tunnel were an animal lives

Hibernate: when an animal sleeps all winter

Predators: an animals enemy or animal thats eats that animal


One thought on “Woodchuck- World of Animals

  1. Good morning. I really enjoy your animal posts! I voted for Woodchuck for two reasons. I love to try to say the “how much wood can a woodchuck, chuck” tongue twister and because I think the name woodchuck sounds much better than ground hog. Ground hog puts a picture in my mind that looks like a big, fat pig (hog) wallowing in mud on the ground. Woodchuck conjures up a picture of a hard working wood gnawing animal. Thanks for the info! Mrs. J.

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