Animal Jam Jamaaliday

Screenshot 2013-12-01 09.37.38-privateHello again! Now I’m going to tell you about Jamaaliday on AJ. From December 1st to December 25th you get a free present every day you log in. Today it was a Jamaaliday Rug. Jamaaliday on AJ is always fantastic. Everywhere is covered with snow. The snow dusts the ground right now. I’m sure it will be deeper soon though. There are candy canes and peppermint pathways everywhere. Reindeers with their owners. Buddies talking about presents. Animals yelling “Trade me or party my den.” It is a fabulous time of year.

Animals should for sure have a fire drum in their den. You click the fire drum and it starts on fire. It keeps everyone warm. The fire drums are hard to find though. The stores in Jamaa are getting lots of gems this time of year. Gems are what animals use as money. You earn gems from the games you play at Jamaa Sol Arcade. I already started buying presents. I have so many buddies. I only have three presents on my list. My buddy Mostafa116 wants a small corner shelf and another buddy, Lotto30 wants a fox hat. Fox hats are rare and hard to find. I don’t care though. As you can see Jamaaliday is such a special time of year.

Your Jolly Blogger,