Isabelle Palmer

Hi bloggers! Not only am I a history buff and a Jammer, I’m an American Girl Fan. I have Josefina Montoya and Saige Copeland. My mom has Addy Walker. Addy’s real name is Aduke and Josefina’s is Maria. Josefina’s mom’s name was Maria. So people called Josefina, Josefina[in spanish Hosefina] because Josefina was her middle name.

The new girl of the year is Isabelle Palmer from……… GEORGETOWN, WASHINGTON D.C. I put that on caps lock because I have been to Washington D.C six times and to Georgetown one time, or was it two? Anyway, Isabelle is a ballerina. She wants to go to Anna Hart School of Performing Arts. She gets in but is comparing herself to others.

I got the Isabelle book #1. I read it in one day it was so good. The author Laurence Yep is so good. Three cheers for him.  He attended Marquette University.

I did ballet when I was three, four, and five. I was going to be a flower in Alice in Wonderland but I had to go to a birthday party. When I heard about Isabelle, I started to want to take ballet class again. I’m going to be the new girl in class like Isabelle. I’ll be wearing a black leotard, a black skirt, pink tights, and pink leather slippers. It’s a month and twelve days until my birthday then I will turn nine like Isabelle.


Your AG blogger,



2 thoughts on “Isabelle Palmer

  1. Wow, Mara, that is soooo interesting and you are getting to be a better writer every day. Now I suppose you will want an Isabelle Palmer doll for your birthday, hmmmmm?? And your grandma will have to make another doll bed. It makes me so happy to see you so enthused about so many things; it will be so interesting to see how you like the new ballet class!

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