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Hello everyone! I’m so excited. I was invited to my first sleepover birthday. All in all this is my first sleep over with a friend. The last sleepover I had with my Grandma was a little scary. This is what my Grandma and me did during the night.

9:00 pm: I got in bed

11:30 pm: I hear strange noises and go sleep in my Grandma’s room

12:30 am: I wake up and have a pillow fight with Grandma

2:00 am: I wake up again

3:00 am: I go to the window and see a weird shape. It was either a wolf, coyote, or my imagination. It was an animal I’m pretty sure though.

6:00 am: BREAKFAST!!!!

This was in 2012 so I guess you could expect me being scared. Well, that is all for now.

Your Birthday Bash friend,