Read – a – Thon

Hello! I have some bad news and good news. First the bad news. I’m sick! Lucky I don’t have strep throat. Almost my whole class has had either strep throat or the stomach bug ….. except me. The good news is my mom emailed me and told me that my name was on the announcements. I read the second most minutes in third grade for the read – a – thon!!! I was second out of 90 third graders. Hooray!!! I read 1, 091 minutes last week!!! I”m so proud of myself.

A very weird thing happened last night. My throat hurt a lot but then I yawned and almost everything went away. That’s why I’m typing happily right now. I”m back to normal…. almost. I’m so glad! Adios.

Your reader,


P.S it is almost my blogging anniversary