The Colorado River

The Colorado River flows through Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Mexico. The Colorado is endangered though. It brings water to 360 million people. The Colorado River is the most endangered river in America. To many people have moved there and the Colorado River doesn’t have enough water for everyone. The Colorado River is like the American Nile. We need to take action. Water is more precious than gold. You can live without gold but you can’t live without water. Some ideas for saving water are below. If you live in a different country you can still use the ideas to prevent this happening to your country.

1. Take a 5 minute shower

2. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth

3. Go to a carwash instead of washing your car on your own

4. Maybe get a low flush toilet installed

5. If you’re waiting for your shower to heat up maybe collect the water that falls. You can use that water to water your plants or garden.

6. If it rains you can put buckets outside to collect the rain and use it to water plants or a garden

Those are a few ideas. There are 10 other endangered rivers in America I know of. I will list them below.

1. Black Warrior – Alabama

2. Boundary – Minnesota

3. Catawba – North Carolina and South Carolina

4. Flint – Georgia

5. Kootenai – British Colombia, Montana, and Idaho

6.  Little Plover – Wisconsin

7. Merced – California

8. Niobrara – Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming

9.  Rough and Ready – Oregon

10. San Saba – Texas

Those are some others. I hope everyone can start helping.

Your Environmentalist,



One thought on “The Colorado River

  1. Good thoughts, Mirabird. We all need to do our part! We don’t really appreciate the gift of clean water. Most people in the world don’t have it!

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