Fun Games to Play Outside

Hi everyone! I was just playing outside and got a great idea for a blog post. I will tell you how to play some games I made up with a few simple outside play things.

First of all, here are all the things you need for all the games. A hula hoop, a ball, a small table or stand you can bring outside, a driveway, and a yard. Ok! Let the games began.

The first one is Toss the Hoop. Use the the small table or stand and place it close to a your first shooting area. Take the Hula Hoop and stand close to the small table or stand. Toss the hoop so it goes around the table. If you make it you move the table a little father away. If you miss you can try again. You have 5 tries in the whole game. When you’ve reached 5 you’re out.

Running Ball is the next game I made up. Place a ball in your hands at the end of your driveway. Throw the ball toward your garage. Try to run past the ball before it falls in a ditch or gets to the end of the driveway.

The finally game is Twist the Hoop. Place your arm in the air with the Hula Hoop in your hands. Then throw it. Let it land, then count to 5. Then try to catch the hoop before it falls.

I hope you’ll try these games. If you have any questions please comment.

Your Inventor,



2 thoughts on “Fun Games to Play Outside

  1. I think that second game should be called Beat the Ball.
    I can see you will think up lots to do on your spring vacation.

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