American Girl Camp – Saige


Hi everyone. Until American Girl Camp comes on June 2nd we will start the American Girl story. Today we will start Saige’s story So here we go……


Saige Copeland woke up in the suburb of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The air smelled of honey and cornbread…. cornbread! Saige sat up and smiled. Saige ran out the bedroom down the hall and sat down at the top of the stairs. She pushed off and went bumping down the stairs. At the bottom she stood up and smiled. “Hi Mom” Saige said sitting down at the table. “Hi honey” Saige’s mom replied. Saige’s mom set down a plate. Saige took a bite of the cornbread it was soft, creamy, and sweet. “Mmm.. it’s delicious mom” Saige mumbled with a full mouth. “Oh honey, I wanted to show you this,” Saige’s mom said suddenly. Saige’s mom got her iPad and clicked some stuff and then she passed the iPad to Saige. It read:


Camp Green Willow is a beautiful summer camp located in Little Rock, Arkansas. There are crafts, horseback riding, nature class, swimming, and many other things. We go on field trips to Hot Springs and other places in the Southeast. Your girls will share a nice room with 3 other girls. There are two bunk beds, four desks, a bathroom, a kitchen, and living room. It goes from June 2nd, 2014 to September 2nd, 2014. Girls will meet other girls. It’s $500.00 dollars only.




“So want to do it?” Saige’s mom asked. Saige’s eyes widened. “Yes, yes of course” Saige yelled. She danced around the kitchen. Saige ran up the stairs excitedly. Saige put on her tunic outfit. Saige pulled on her backpack and yelled “good bye mom, good bye dad.”

At school she sat down next to her best friend Gaby. Their teacher Mrs. Applewood started talking. They all had written reports about food from different countries. Gaby’s was about German foods. She brought in some gingerbread and jelly doughnuts. Saige’s mom loves to cook and made Sugar Cakes, Sweet Potato Pudding, and Coconut Pie.

After school Saige told mom about the delicious desserts. It was a terrific day.


I hope you enjoyed the story everyone.

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100th Blog Post

So today I did my 100th blog post. It was American Girl Camp Intro. I’ve done so many blog posts since March 16th, 2013. I hope everyone has been enjoying my blog. Tonight the American Girls are going to party for the 100th blog post. I’ll post some pictures of them down below. Please comment what your favorite blog post has been in all of them. I will have some good blog posts this summer. My goal for the summer is 200 blog posts. That is 100 more. By the end of the year I want 250 blog posts. That is 50 more blog posts. Anyway bye for now.



American Girl Camp Intro.

Camp Doll Diaries CamperJosefina

Hi everybody. My mom and I thought of a great blog idea. It’s a series called American Girl Camp. It’s about my American Girls, Josefina and Saige and my mom’s American Girl Addy. My mom is going to represent Addy and she’ll write on my blog too. They go to a camp called Camp Green Willow. Addy, Josefina, and Saige live in Little Rock, Arkansas. It starts Monday, June 2nd, 2014. It ends Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014. We will be posting some crafts, pictures of them at camp, some games they play, pictures of them on field trips, and writing! The’ll also meet some animals at camp too. I hope you enjoy the American Girl Camp series!!!!

If you would like to have your AG or OG doll go to camp this summer, visit the Doll Diaries blog where we got the idea from.

Zimbabwe – Countries and Cultures


I know I was doing countries already but I think I actually have more knowledge on the countries now. So sit back relax and be ready to learn about Zimbabwe. Ready… Set….Read!!!

The Land and the Climate 

Ok… first we will learn about the land of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has lots of flat grasslands,  rocky hills, and  rivers also cover the land. The Zambezi River and the Limpopo River are two of the many. The center region is Highveld. Highveld is like Kansas in the middle of the U.S. Highveld has an elevation of 5,000 feet also [1,500 m]. Highveld holds the countries largest cities.

The climate depends on elevation. The higher it goes the cooler it gets. That gives me a question. Why is it cooler when you climb higher, because if you climb higher you’re closer to the sun? Overall though Zimbabwe has a pretty nice climate.

Population and Language 

Nighty eight percent of population is African. An the other 2 is mostly british and some indian. Some of the largest cities in Zimbabwe are Bulawayo, Mutoko,  Tull, and Harare. Health problems affect lots of the population. Zimbabwe has one of the shortest life expectancies in the world. It is 53! Wow!

English is the official language in Zimbabwe. The other languages are Shona and Ndebele.

Some Words in Shona

Hello – Mhoroi  [More – oy]

Good bye – Chisarai [chih – sahr – eye]

Please  –  Ndapota [ndah – ooh – tah]

Thank you – Ndatenda [ ndah – ten – dah]

Yes – Hongu [Hon  – goo]

No – Aiwa [Eye – wah]

Zimbabwe Religion

The Zimbabwe Religion is like this. Syncretic is 50%, Christian is 25%, Native Beliefs 24%, and Muslim 1%.


Well I hope you learned some more about Zimbabwe. I’ll write about some Zimbabwe life style too. Chisarai!

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