American Girl Warehouse Sale – Wilmot

Hi everyone. I’m not sure if I told you about last year’s American Girl Warehouse Sale in Wilmot, WI. I went there with my mom again this year. Today I’ll tell you about it.

First we went to Dunkin Doughnuts. I had a chocolate long john and a hot chocolate. We then hit the road. It is a 55 minute ride. Last year it took about 3 hours to get into the sale on the first day. This year we went to the sale on Day 2 and we didn’t have to wait to get in. Amazing! Down below is what I bought and how much it is.

1. Sporty Sandals – $4.00


2. Sleepover Accessories [includes pretend popcorn, 2 pretend drinks, Apple to Apple Junior, Snooze – a – Palooza American Girl Doll Size Book, American Girl Magazine American Girl Doll Size] – $8.00


3. Dot Cami and Brief Set -$4.00


4. American Girl Doll Sport Watch – 3.00

5. Julie Mini Doll – $8.00

6. Kirsten Mini Doll – $8.00


7. Julie’s Accessories  [includes purse, purple hat, a necklace that says Julie, and a pretend quarter] – $10.00


8. Ivy’s Accessories [includes jean purse and pink beret] – 8.00



9. Cozy Sleepover [includes pillow and american girl doll sleeping bag] – $14.00



10. Pretty Pink Coat [includes pink coat and silver boots with pink ribbon] – $12.00


11. Spooky Fun Outfit [includes orange and yellow leggings, orange tutu, black shoes, and black shirt with a ghost on it] – $12.00



12. McKenna’s Warm Up Outfit [includes pink and orange sweater, white pants, and gym shoes] – $12.00


13. Sporty Scooter – $18.00


You can read about the American Girl Warehouse sale on the Mattel Outlet Store website.

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Camp Doll Diaries Will Start Soon

I hope everyone is excited. Camp doll diaries is starting on June 13th, 2014. My dolls have already been preparing. I have some easy crafts ideas. I’m 95% sure Isabelle will be joining camp doll diaries in mid July.  7 more days of school and then i’ll have lots of time to write! Here are some crafts we will do. A few are my ideas.

1. American Girl Highlights – my idea

2. American Girl Dog Leash – my idea

3. Doll Name Tags

and many others. Make sure you have yarn. Almost all my ideas include yarn! My post American Girl Camp Intro. has the link to camp doll diaries. I’ve gotten 5 views today and 4 visitors! I’ve gotten 4, 625 people on my blog! Anyway, i’ll have more posts soon. Adios!

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