The Countdown Begins

Hi everybody! How has your summer been? My summer has been great…. and soon will be even greater. I’m going on vacation 8 days from now. I’m super excited because i’m going  with my aunt, uncle, and also with my parents. Where are going? To Munsing, Michigan.  We’re staying at this beautiful rental home called Lake View. There are lots of rental homes including Evergreen Cottage, Doc’s Place, Cranberry Lake Lodge, Sunrise Beach, Rainbows Promise, Maple Ridge, and many more.

Lake View is a luxury rental home. It’s three stories high I think. We have a kitchen with a bread machine, a sunroom, a big lake in are backyard, a wet bar downstairs, a master king bedroom that has french doors that lead onto a balcony were my mom and dad will sleep,, another queen bed on the main floor that is attached to a bathroom were my aunt and uncle will sleep, a loft bedroom with twin beds that has a television and a terrific view of the yard, and two living rooms. I’ll be blogging on my trip hopefully. The mosquitos are bad up there this year. Well anyway there is a poll below. Bye for now.

Your countryside friend,



One thought on “The Countdown Begins

  1. Wow, after today there are just 3 days until you leave for your castle in the woods. I’ll bet your mom is busy packing. Wishing all of you a wonderful vacation!

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