Vacation Day #3

Hello everybody! I’m downstairs blogging. I just came in from swimming in 16 mile lake. So everyone sit back and relax. Enjoy the post.

I woke up at 8:00 am. I went downstairs and had a s’mores bar. Then I watched a tv show. Finally, my mom came down. I then had breakfast. My breakfast was peanut butter toast and oatmeal squares. I then went paddle boating with my dad. We paddled toward a little bay and around a little island. Then we had some waves. We luckily got through. The minute we had reassured our selfs a motorboat sent some waves our way. Luckily we got past those to. We then paddled over to a house. Things seemed off to us though. Then as we neared it my dad realized that wasn’t our house. Oops!!! We made it back safe and sound. I had a snack. Fudge Brownie Crackers. I then went to my room to continue Monsters Inc. My uncle and aunt were awake. We had lunch then. Lunch was toast with butter, scrambled eggs, and iced cinnamon rolls.

After lunch we headed down to the 2:00 pm pictured rocks boat tour. The road to our house was closed though. So we got to the 3:00 pm one. It was awesome. We saw so many rock formations. My favorite formation was Indian head. We also saw a few waterfalls. The chapel hill waterfall was my favorite. As we turned around the captain said that we were 65 miles from, where the Edmund Fitzgerald sunk!!! We went to Sydney’s for dinner I had salad and a baked potato. It was a delicious! We then went back home. I went swimming. Then I went to bed at 9:50. Bye!


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5 thoughts on “Vacation Day #3

  1. I bet you never imagined that you would be near where the Fitzgerald went down. Remember when we Googled about that and listened to the song?

    Hope you are brushing your teeth after all the s’mores, oat squares and fudge. Still no flapjacks? Maybe they can be found on a restaurant menu.

    I bet the water was pretty cold for swimming but then you are used to a cold swim.

    Keep having a good time. Love you.

    • Yes I put the song on for everyone to listen to. I think we’re going to Marquette today. Were hoping to get pasties and fudge today. I can’t wait! Bye! ~ Mara

  2. We are enjoying hearing all about your adventures. So glad that you and your dad got back home safe and sound from paddle boating. The boat trip sounds very exciting!
    Love from Grandma — and Grandpa too!

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