Vacation Day # 4

Hi everyone I’m in the downstairs living room. Sorry about the late posts. This post is about Tuesday. Sit back and relax. Hope you enjoy this post.

Well Tuesday was the day we went to Marquette. We left around 12:00 pm for Marquette. I read Thea Stilton: Big Trouble in the Big Apple. When we arrived in Marquette we went to a place called Donckers. Their pasta and Parmesan was ok. There spilt pea soup was awesome though. The most coolest thing of all was that President Obama went there. Awesome right! After Donckers we went to a nearby clothing store called Chickadee. I got a dance shirt. It was really cool. We then went to another clothing store. There I found a pretty blue shawl. As I was admiring the shawl my mom came over to me and said it was time to go. My aunt and uncle stayed at the clothing store. My mom, dad, and I went to Gopher’s Bakery. Gophers was 6 blocks away. That may seem easy but the blocks in Marquette are long. 3 of the blocks were uphill and very steep. When we got to Gopher’s we ordered. My mom got Lemon Raspberry Cake. My dad and I got White Chocolate Death. White Chocolate Death is two layers of chocolate cake with chocolate fudge ganache, chocolate buttercream, chocolate frosting, and chocolate shavings. It was delicious. We met back at a pub we the walked to Ore dock. I had popcorn, pretzels, and cream soda. My aunt and dad had beer tray flights. They enjoyed them. We then drove home. On our way home we went to Lakenland. It was sculptures made of junk. We then went to Main Street Pizza. Now that was the best pizza I ever had. The crust was soft and the tomato sauce was creamy and delicious. We then came home to our lake view. I then went to bed. Adios.






2 thoughts on “Vacation Day # 4

  1. Hi Mara, I enjoyed reading all your vacation blogs; I am sure I got way more detail than I will ever get from talking to you guys. It surely sounds as though you had a wonderful time. You needed that long walk before and after you ate at Gopher’s just to walk off some of those calories. Your dessert does look like something to die for. The sculptures from Lakenland are really clever. Now that you are home I suppose you are back to being very busy again. Have fun at VBS! We are looking forward to seeing you and “the gang” on Sunday.

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