Four Amazing Things That Happened To Me In The Past Week…..

IMG_50951. I went to Chicago to get an American Girl last Monday. Guess who it was. Marie – Grace? No, Julie? No, Rebecca? No, Isabelle? Yes! I got Isabelle Palmer. She loves dancing like me. I was thinking about getting Julie, Marie – Grace, or Rebecca. I wanted Isabelle though. So I got Isabelle.


2. I went to the zoo with my girl scout troup. We bought supplies on their Amazon wish list and gave it to the zoo. We got a rocking horse for the snow leopard and jaguar cubs too. Cool right? So in return we got a private tour.  We saw the hyenas, brown bears, wolfs, and moose up close. For the moose super close. The width of a laptop was how close I was. The wolves stayed back a bit. The wolves are 15 years old. That is old for a wolf. The brown bears were also close. The brown bears were named after the northern lights [ Aurora Borealis.] They were named Aurora and Boris. We fed them frozen mice. Eew. Luckily the tour guide did it. Finally, we saw the hyenas up close. One hyena kept looking at me.

3. On the Animal Jam Jump App you would not believe what happened. I jumped 30, 786 feet. Really high on AJ Jump . So that  made me get 7th place on AJ Jump best players of the week. In 1st place was bunnylove1230 who got 51, 172 feet, in 2nd place was Missarcticwolf23 who got 42, 641 feet, in 3rd place was mkulz who got 37, 134 feet, in 4th place was puppy44370 who got 33, 845 feet, in 6th place was keefa with 31, 921 feet, in 7th place marigold55 who got 30, 786 feet, in 8th place was mistersleepy who got 30, 040, in 9th place was tatter5 who got 29, 749, and in 10th place was Fluffiness28 who got 29, 570 feet. So that was everyone. Also remember these are the top 10 of the week in the world. Keep jumping!!!!!!!!

4. Best news for last. I GOT MY EARS PIERCED! On vacation too, it is awesome. I got them pierced at Claire’s in downtown Naperville. They are amethyst studs. They are really pretty. I choose amethyst because they are my birthstone. So that is all my awesome news. Please comment on this post. Bye!

Your reporter,




One thought on “Four Amazing Things That Happened To Me In The Past Week…..

  1. Hi Mara,

    My patience paid off and I finally learned which AG doll you chose when you were in Chicago. I am not surprised that you chose Isabelle; in fact, I would have been very surprised if you had chosen another doll because I know you have wanted Isabelle for a long time. She is a beautiful doll. I imagine that you and she are doing a lot of dancing around the house.

    What an exciting trip your scout trip took to the zoo! To think that you were right across the street and I didn’t even know! Were you really so close to those animals or were they still behind glass? Frozen mice? ewwwww! I am glad you didn’t have to touch them. The hyena was probably looking at you because he figured you were the tastiest looking girl scout there. [?]

    I don’t understand the animal jam jump but since it is an app I figure that you did not, IN FACT, jump 30,768 feet although if you did, you would be right up there with your mother and her walking steps on Fitbit. [?]

    And you got your ears pierced! Wow, that is really exciting. I am looking forward to seeing your amethyst studs and you too. Are you excitedly getting ready for school?

    Love, grammagump

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