Operation Christmas Child #2

Hi everyone! I’m  so super excitied. We made the goal! The goal was 1,437 shoeboxes as you might have heard in the last few posts. Our actual number though was………….[drum roll]……1,601!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, I know it is amazing. Here is the story.

We learned what we were supposed to do in the church. Each person was supposed to pack 26 boxes, which I did.We went down the main stairwell, got a box from the Sunday School Hallway. Ran in to a Sunday School room and put some labels on the boxes and then ran up a secret stairwell. There we ran in to the church, then in to Fellowship Hall. In Fellowship Hall we went to stations and filled up our boxes. We then took them to be checked, finally we took them to the counting area. It was so amazing. We were basically running like crazy cheetahs around our church. I commented that this might be the only time I would every be able to run through church. So then some of the confirmation kids loaded the boxes in to their parents cars. Then they took them to a collection center where they will ship them to Samaritan’s Purse. Time to start collecting for next year!

Your buddy,



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