Battle of the Books

Hello everyone! It’s Mara back with an exciting update about Battle of the Books. Enjoy!

Well, today was the finals! My team the Rockin’ Readers made it along with a boy team called Script Wizards. Their were 3 people on each team. We headed to the library when school started. We had our first battle there. We each answered 16 questions. The questions were the tiniest details in the story that you don’t remember so it was a really tough round. At the end of the battle my team the Rockin’ Readers had 96 points, and the Script Wizards had 93. Then we had a battle during recess, where our teams faced off in the Board Room with all the parents watching and all the other Battle of the Book participants who didn’t make it to the finals. It was really scary in front of a huge crowd. The questions were randomly picked and it ended up being the Script Wizards got the questions we thought were easier.

It was just luck of the draw and the Script Wizards won 1st place. At least, my team got a trophy for 2nd. The trophies are really cool! They have a marble base and the trophy part is made of a mix of metals. It’s really cool! After that we had a party for all the Battle of the Book Particpants. We had brownies, rice krispie bars, chocolate strawberry bars, juice, water, licorice, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, etc.! It was super fun. My team didn’t win but we still tried our hardest and gave it our best! It was a great experience I will never forget!


7 thoughts on “Battle of the Books

  1. Dear Marabird,
    You are such a mature competitor! Bravo on a job very well done. So proud to have you as an Earth Ambassador!

  2. You’re my favorite rockin reader. The contest sounds like it was really exciting and I enjoyed your description of it which I just read here in my room in Canterbury UK. I am super tired cause it is like 2 in the afternoon your time but now 8 pm here and I still haven’t been to sleep since I left yesterday.
    Love, Grandma

  3. This is literally one of the most detailed, most exciting blog post i’ve ever read x Continue to do what you love and never stop trying stay amazing! The Sparkle Notes

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