Hi everyone! It’s Mara here and today I have a very, very special post. I hope you enjoy it!

So, on Friday night I went to a concert with my family. At the concert we saw The Afters, Unspoken, Chris August, and Among the Thirsty. After Unspoken, one of the members talked to us about an organization called Compassion International. Compassion helps children in poverty in different countries around the world. Compassion takes pictures of the child then puts them on their website. There people, can choose to sponsor a child. Then you can send letters to the children whenever you like, you can even go visit them!

My family talked about it yesterday and today and then this afternoon we decided to sponsor a child. I got to choose as well. I choose a 7 year old girl named Eliane [Elle-e-on-a] who lives in Brazil. Eliane has 4 siblings, and she loves to run and play with dolls. I’m very excited to start sending letters to her!

This is the site address for Compassion,  I hope you enjoyed my post today! Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. Hi Mara, from England!

    Thank you for sharing about the cool organisation you found. I hope you have a lot of fun sending letters to your new friend Eliane. Looking forward to your next post.

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