Cool Facts About Christopher Columbus

Hi everyone! It’s Mara here, and today my post is about some cool facts about Christopher Columbus. Why am I doing a post on Christopher Columbus all of sudden? Well, today in social studies we were studying Christopher Columbus. We were assigned 3 pages of questions and had to read pages 72 – 88 in our text books. It was hard and it took a long time but in the end I was glad we had been assigned this homework, because I had learned so much more about Christopher Columbus. Today, I’m going to share some of this interesting facts with you! I hope you enjoy them!

  1. Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy
  2. Christopher Columbus was inspired to become an explorer because of Marco Polo’s book.
  3. Christopher Columbus asked many kings and queens of Europe to fund his 1st trip to “China.”
  4. Christopher Columbus brought 17 ships and 1,200 men on his 2nd voyage to the new world.
  5. On Christopher’s 1st voyage to America he brought 3 ships The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria.
  6. Christopher faced a large meadow of slimy seaweed while in the Sargasso Sea on his 1st journey.
  7. Once Christopher reached “China” he realized it wasn’t China, and then he thought he had landed in the Indies [Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.]
  8. Christopher Columbus started an Agricultural Revolution.
  9. One of questions in our packet asked “Columbus never brought back gold and silver but he did bring back lots of vegetables. Some Europeans say that this was more important than any gold Columbus could have brought back. Why do you think they say that?” I responded in my answer, “well health is worth way more than gold. The stuff that the Europeans had been eating was probably quite unhealthy. After, they got the fresh and healthy vegetables, they would be healthier.
  10. Columbus believed South America was the Garden of Eden from The Bible.
  11. The enemy that attacked Columbus and his crew on Columbus 4th journey was worms. Yes, worms they ate through the bottom of Columbus’s boats, and they weren’t able to sail anymore
  12. I believe that the most important thing Columbus did was bringing back more healthy foods to Europe.


I gained lots of facts while doing this packet. I hope you learned a few things as well. Bye for now!



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