An Interesting Adventure… Part 2

Hi everybody! It’s Mara here, and I’m enjoying my last 2 days of summer break before going back on the 5th. Hooray! (False enthusiasm.) As promised I’m writing the next part of my adventure in the Apostle Islands. Here is the link to part one. Enjoy!

Once the adventure on the river had finished up we drove for 2 more hours to a little church in the middle of nowhere where we would be staying that night. Once we arrived at the church everyone went to play outside. My friend Hadley and I went to go play Frisbee in the baseball field. Soon, it started down pouring but very few of us cared. We all just carried on like it was nothing. After awhile, Hadley and I went inside soaked. We changed into our PJ’s and set up our sleeping bags in the sanctuary which is where the girls were staying. Emery the bookworm of the group set up her sleepover next to the bookshelf, which I thought was kind of funny. I set mine up next to my friend Lauren. Soon enough, it was time for dinner. The dinner that night (pasta bar) was the best meal we would have the whole trip.

After dinner, we played Jewel Heist. They turned off all the lights in the church and we started to play. The game was pretty intense. Running up stairs in the dark with a whole group of kids is pretty scary. One kid fell down the stairs and got trampled; they were okay though. Then one of the 8th graders locked a whole bunch of kids in a room. The pastor wasn’t happy about that. One of the cops was following me so I ducked under a table and ran into another kid. I screamed and gave away the hiding spot.

That night, I fell asleep pretty quickly because I was exhausted after the river adventure. For breakfast we had pancakes which was awesome! They were pretty good for being made in a church kitchen. After breakfast, we packed everything up in the trailers for the long drive to lunch. Tuesday was probably one of the worst days at camp. We had driven for 3+ hours in a hot van. There was nothing to look at except endless lakes and forests which gets really boring after a few miles. We finally made it to a little town for lunch. A bunch of people went to Arby’s but Emery, Gretchen, Tess, and I went to the Subway.. across the highway.

We had to do a lot of sprinting but we made it across to the smallest Subway you’ve ever seen. After a quick-lunch, Emery and I went back across the highway to a McDonald’s so Emery could get a sundae. Soon it was time to load back up into the vans for our drive to Bayfield where we would ferry across to Madeline Island. This 2 hour drive to Bayfield was also extremely boring as well. Once we arrived in Bayfield we were all anxious to get out onto the ferry deck. It was a very windy day but that didn’t stop any of us. It was only 3 miles across Lake Superior but the ferry took a long time. Soon we arrived at the Madeline Island Dock and we drove off to our campsite in the Big Bay State Park.

Once we arrived we starting unpacking and building our tent. I shared a tent with Gretchen, Lauren, and Emery. Ellie, Hadley, Tess, Liana, and Skylar set up their tent next to us. Emery called herself the “camping expert” and set up our tent in no time. We moved inĀ  and soon our tent was filled with a bunch of Vera Bradley Bags, ukuleles, and cards from Seaworld.

After the tents were all set up we had tacos for dinner by the campfire. After dinner, we all played volleyball and went down to the beach. We finished the night off with s’mores and then retreated to our tents for a night out in the forest.

I will write more about the rest of the trip soon! I hope you have enjoyed the posts so far.

~ Mara