A Day At School: Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Hi! Today, was our last day at school before our Thanksgiving break. Hooray!



Today in Science we finished working on our graphs with our partners that show the different amounts of gravity on Mars, Earth, and Jupiter. Jupiter has the most gravity of the three, and Mars has barely any gravity.



In French we had to write a paragraph in French comparing French breakfast traditions and American breakfast traditions. Two main points in mine were that waffles (une gaufre) in France are more commonly eaten for dessert instead of breakfast like here in the United States. Another point was that in France they call toast with jam/nutella/butter, tartines.


Social Studies

In Social Studies we first watched CNN 10 (CNN’s daily news for middle school/high schools students.) Then my two partners and I began to work on our google presentation on the Treaty of Ghent. The Treaty of Ghent was what ended the War of 1812 between England and America.


Study Hall

In Study Hall, I worked on one of my essays for English class. I reached the minimum of 3 pages.



In Reading we got our literary essays. I was one of the only kids in my grade to get all the conventions in my essay right. I ended up getting 9/10 points (94%.)



Today at recess one of my best friends and I worked on our skit for the talent show. We are the emcees that host the talent show.



In English class our teacher put on Charlie Brown Thanksgiving while we worked on typing our handwritten essays onto our laptops.


Fire Drill

Today we had a fire drill which was really cold! It was only 20 degrees outside and I was wearing short sleeves. The firefighters drove by a couple times and then we headed back inside.



In Math we had a quiz reviewing the Pythagorean Theorem. I think I did pretty well on it. We had to use the theorem to find the area and perimeter of different shapes like arrows and equilateral triangles.



Today in P.E we had game day (my favourite part of the week!) One of my friends and I played basketball and then we took an anatomy quiz. After we finished the quiz we all played dodgeball which is my favourite game.


I hope you enjoyed my post! Have an amazing Thanksgiving for those who live in the US! 🙂

~ Mara



A Day at School: Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Hi everyone! It’s Mara here back with a new post about my day at school today.

Hour 1 Science

This morning in science we went over our tests that we took about a week or two ago. I got a 73% which isn’t great. Then we worked on our animations of the sun moon earth system and how the moon rotates around the earth and the earth rotates around the sun.


Hour 2 French

In French this morning we learned about the different forms of the verb “prend” which means to take.


Hour 3 Social Studies

In Social Studies we worked on notes where we learned about the president John Adams and his foreign affairs with countries such as France and Great Britain. When John Adams decided to make peace with France instead of having a war against them, he lost popularity which in the end cost him his presidency.


Hour 4 Study Hall

Today in study hall I worked on an essay I had to finish for my English class about the themes and what there meaning is in a book we are reading.


Hour 5 Reading

In Reading we learned about what makes a dystopian story a dystopian. We have to write an essay about a dystopian story we are reading this upcoming Thursday.



Today during recess it was only 15 degrees out so most people stayed inside. One of my friends and I went outside though and we met the cops who came to “hang out” with us. The ended up playing basketball which was pretty cool.


Hour 7 English

In English class I turned in the 4 page essay we had to write by hand for homework last night. My hand was so sore and I had almost used up all the lead in my mechanical pencil by the end of it! Tonight we have to write an essay but this one is only 2 pages.


Hour 8 Math

In my math class we are learning about algebraic equations and how to use the Pythagorean Theorem on them. So far it is pretty easy to do.


Hour 9 P.E

I got to leave math 15 minutes and go to P.E. Today we had CPR with the local firefighters. It was pretty easy but one of the group’s had the head of their mannequin fall off which was pretty fun. When we had learned what to do, we had to do an example for the whole class. One of my friends grabbed the defibrillator, another one of my friends did CPR, and I was the person who called 9-1-1. During the example though I had a really bad coughing attack which was really awkward. Everyone in my class was like “do we have to do CPR on her?”


I hope you enjoyed! Have an amazing week! 🙂

~ Mara

A Day at School: Friday, October 26th, 2018

Hi everyone! I’m sorry, I haven’t written in so long. Today, I’ll just be doing an overview of my day at school. Hope you enjoy!


1st Hour Science

This morning in science we worked on our lab about how high polymer balls bounce, depending on the amount sodium borate added to the polymer borate. My partner and I finished our experimental summary and then moved on to drawing our scientific diagram. We didn’t finish but we got pretty far.


2nd Hour French

In French, we got our quizzes back that we did earlier this week on parts of speech. I got a 27/30 which is a -A. Then we learned about Kylian Mbappe who scored a goal for France in the World Cup this year.


3rd Hour Social Studies

In Social Studies, we watched CNN 10, which is like CNN News but for middle schoolers. Then we did a virtual tour of some famous places in Washington D.C. Our grade is going to Washington D.C later this year.


4th Hour Study Hall

In Study Hall I finished writing my memoir for English class and turned it in, then I finished my math homework.



Flex is a class we have between 4th and 5th hour. Everyone can take a class that interests them. Some people take Science Fair others take Theater. I do National History Day with my friend. We are doing a project on the Wisconsin Peshtigo Fire. The Peshtigo Fire is the worst fire in United States history, but barely anybody has heard about it!


5th Hour Reading

In reading, we are a reading a book called Wes Moore. So far it is very good. I highly recommend it for 7th – 10th graders. We also learned about the difference between themes and claims.



Today, at recess I climbed up a tree and then my friends and I went to go sit inside the Gaga Pit, since nobody ever uses it. At lunch, I had a spinach and lettuce salad with dressing. It was delicious!


7th Hour English

Today in English we took a placement test then we began to learn about gerunds (a type of verb.)


8th Hour Math

In Math, we learned about calculating slope. It was very easy, and then we took a quiz. I think I did pretty good overall on it. The quiz was about finding y-intercepts, x-intercepts, and slope in algebraic equations.


9th Hour Journalism

For my 9th hour, I have journalism. In Journalism, we write for the school newspaper. One of my friends and I are doing the sports section. I’m going to be reporting on the 2018 Gymnastics World Championships which are currently going on in Qatar.


I hope you liked learning about my day!

~ Mara


First Day of School

Well, today was the dreaded first day of school. After 12 weeks of summer vacation I definitely wasn’t ready to get back into the “school mode.” Overall though, the first day of 8th grade wasn’t terrible.

I’m a mentor at my school for the 5th graders (since they are the youngest.) We started off the day but helping them with there lockers and such.

From there I headed to the 8th grade meeting, where we have to go over behaviour expectations and rules about our computers.

After all the meetings we went to our first hour class. I have science first hour, and we went over the syllabus most of the class. Then we worked on a worksheet that told our science teacher about our strengths and weaknesses.

In my 2nd hour French we went over the syllabus and then we talked for the rest of class. (We’re pretty good at getting off task.)

During 3rd hour I have social studies and of course I’m in the back row like always. Once again we went over the syllabus and then we worked on a project telling our teacher about our favourite things.

In 4th hour I had study hall. I decided to go organize my locker and my binder since they was nothing better to do.

5th hour I have reading class with one of my old 5th grade teachers. We worked on an assignment called Textual Lineage. We talked about how we learned to read over the years.

6th hour we had recess. It was 90 degrees out! We also have lunch during the second half of 6th hour. We had assigned lunch tables and we had to sit with our homeroom.

7th hour I have english class. In English we went around introducing ourselves and making name tags.

8th hour was math class. My math teacher is leaving for Bulgaria in a few days so we won’t have her the first few weeks of school.

Finally 9th hour came. I have gym class 9th hour and today we opened our gym lockers and went over rules and expectations.

Overall, today was pretty good except for the fact that teachers seem to love syllabuses and that it was super hot in our non- air conditioned school.

~ Mara

A Day At School: Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Hello! It’s Mara here with a post on my day at school. Enjoy!


State Testing

This week and next week my state has a state test that we have to take. In 6th grade we only have to take 8 sessions (4 ELA and 4 Math.) So, Tuesday and Wednesday this week we had to report to our 9th Hour English class from 7:45 AM – 10:05 AM. We got snacks during the test to which was fun! Our teacher gave us chocolate coins, Nutri-Grain Bars®, bottled waters, CapriSun, and peppermints. After we finished the tests we got to read or do other homework.


Today was actually an early release day so on top of having our schedule shortened from testing we also had it even more shortened from early release. So each of our classes were 21 minutes long instead of the normal 43. In science, we worked on a sheet of notes for our new unit – Cells to Systems. We also made flashcards for this new unit as well.

Data/Technology Integration

Today in Data we worked on a spreadsheets project. We went on Google Spreadsheets and then learned how to do some cool things using it such as merging spreadsheet cells and using conditional formatting.


In French we have been working on a project in which we design our own dream school. We have to make a presentation to the class but it has to be in all French. My school is called Le College De La Danse in English that means Middle School of Dance. We can put anything we want in our schools. A few fun things I have featured in my school is a Starbucks, a Teavana, a chocolate shop, a patisserie, and a whole floor of dance classrooms such as world dance, contemporary, ballet, and jazz.

Social Studies

For Social Studies we are working on a brochure for the cities of Athens and Sparta in Greece. We have to pretend that the brochure takes place in Ancient Greece. We each got assigned one of the cities and I’m doing Sparta.

Gymnastic Intramurals

Today during gymnastics intramurals I went on the uneven bars, vault, and rings. On the uneven bars I worked on perfecting my penny drop and high bar forward turn. On the vault I worked on my 1/2 and on the rings I worked on my flyaway.


For lunch I had apples, holiday bread, and a Nutella sandwich.


In reading we have to write a persuasive essay. Mine is Cheerleading Should Have More Regulations. We had to work on notes for this essay today.

Some of my math homework.


In math we are learning how to find surface area of prisms.



In P.E class we are also doing gymnastics. I basically did the same things I worked on in gymnastic intramurals. I tried to convince my best friend (who is afraid to do gymnastics) to do a penny drop on the uneven bars. I showed her but she was to scared to in the end, which was okay because it was her decision.



In English class we are writing friendly letters to new mothers through a program.


Today was a very fun day! I hope you enjoyed reading my post! Stay tuned for more!


6th Grade

Hello everyone! It’s Mara, and I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in forever. Today I will posting about 6th grade since I last posted when I was in 5th grade. Enjoy!

6th grade is my second year in middle school. Our schedule includes 9 hours. Here is mine:

1st Hour – Science

2nd Hour – Data/Technology Integration on Wednesdays and Fridays, Art on Thursdays and Mondays, and Study Hall on Tuesdays.

3rd Hour – Band on Tuesdays and Thursdays, French on Wednesdays and Fridays, and Study Hall on Mondays.

4th Hour – Social Studies

(Advisor/Homeroom on Monday and FLEX on Tuesdays – Fridays)

5th Hour – Lunch and Recess/Intramurals

6th Hour – Reading

7th Hour – Math

8th Hour – Physical Education on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and Music on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

9th Hour – English


My favorite academic is probably math, since we have a really nice teacher! My favorite non – academic subject is probably physical education or art. I will post more about 6th grade in my following posts! Thanks for reading!

– Mara


A Day At School: 4/17/16

Hello everybody! It’s Mara here, and I’m back with another A Day At School post. 16 days remaining of school! Hooray!


Today, in math we learned about terms. They are quite easy, personally. A term is like 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. Terms can be hard t0o though, we haven’t seen any hard terms yet but I’m sure they’re coming. We also took a Quick Quiz today, and I got 78% on it, which a C+. It sounds bad but it only means I got 1 question wrong, so I did OK, not great but alright.


In Science, class we worked on a ScienceWorld Magazine and answered questions and did a cross word along with it.


In DATA, we worked on our How To’s in Lucidchart. I’m doing, How To Make A Tostada. A Tostada is like a unfurled taco and it is really good!


In Reading, we listened to Fantasy Project Presentations. We all read Fantasy Books, then we had to do either a HaikuDeck or a Google Presentation. I did a Google Presentation on Maybe a Fox by Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee. It was really good, and I might do a Book Review on my blog about it sometime!


Flex was different for me today. First, I have to go back to a few months ago when I was at Cousins’ Subs [I rarely go there actually] over Spring Break with my mom. There was a teacher nomination award, where you could write down the name of your teacher and they could get nominated for free Cousins’ Subs for a year. I have a bunch of different teachers, so I chose my Social Studies/Advisor Teacher. She was nominated for the award, and I presented it to her today during FLEX so she got free Cousins’ Subs for a year!

Lunch and Recess

The 12 kids in my Advisor class got to go pick up cookies and Cousins’ Subs in our advisor room, then we all headed down to lunch. Recess was really windy, 2 of my friends and I  kept swinging on the swings in unison then jumping off at the same time. It was dangerous but fun.


In French we worked on command actions. The only command I remember now is, levez – vous [stand up.]


In Art, we are cleaning up the art room. It has gotten messy over the year. 3 friends and I sorted out boxes of crayons and separated strings.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we worked on The Preamble again. We watched a video about The Preamble on Schooltube as well. Here is the link.


In English, we did are Adjective Test, which was really easy, I hope I got 100%.

Thank you for reading my post today! Bye for now!