Four Amazing Things That Happened To Me In The Past Week…..

IMG_50951. I went to Chicago to get an American Girl last Monday. Guess who it was. Marie – Grace? No, Julie? No, Rebecca? No, Isabelle? Yes! I got Isabelle Palmer. She loves dancing like me. I was thinking about getting Julie, Marie – Grace, or Rebecca. I wanted Isabelle though. So I got Isabelle.


2. I went to the zoo with my girl scout troup. We bought supplies on their Amazon wish list and gave it to the zoo. We got a rocking horse for the snow leopard and jaguar cubs too. Cool right? So in return we got a private tour.  We saw the hyenas, brown bears, wolfs, and moose up close. For the moose super close. The width of a laptop was how close I was. The wolves stayed back a bit. The wolves are 15 years old. That is old for a wolf. The brown bears were also close. The brown bears were named after the northern lights [ Aurora Borealis.] They were named Aurora and Boris. We fed them frozen mice. Eew. Luckily the tour guide did it. Finally, we saw the hyenas up close. One hyena kept looking at me.

3. On the Animal Jam Jump App you would not believe what happened. I jumped 30, 786 feet. Really high on AJ Jump . So that  made me get 7th place on AJ Jump best players of the week. In 1st place was bunnylove1230 who got 51, 172 feet, in 2nd place was Missarcticwolf23 who got 42, 641 feet, in 3rd place was mkulz who got 37, 134 feet, in 4th place was puppy44370 who got 33, 845 feet, in 6th place was keefa with 31, 921 feet, in 7th place marigold55 who got 30, 786 feet, in 8th place was mistersleepy who got 30, 040, in 9th place was tatter5 who got 29, 749, and in 10th place was Fluffiness28 who got 29, 570 feet. So that was everyone. Also remember these are the top 10 of the week in the world. Keep jumping!!!!!!!!

4. Best news for last. I GOT MY EARS PIERCED! On vacation too, it is awesome. I got them pierced at Claire’s in downtown Naperville. They are amethyst studs. They are really pretty. I choose amethyst because they are my birthstone. So that is all my awesome news. Please comment on this post. Bye!

Your reporter,




American Girl Warehouse Sale – Wilmot

Hi everyone. I’m not sure if I told you about last year’s American Girl Warehouse Sale in Wilmot, WI. I went there with my mom again this year. Today I’ll tell you about it.

First we went to Dunkin Doughnuts. I had a chocolate long john and a hot chocolate. We then hit the road. It is a 55 minute ride. Last year it took about 3 hours to get into the sale on the first day. This year we went to the sale on Day 2 and we didn’t have to wait to get in. Amazing! Down below is what I bought and how much it is.

1. Sporty Sandals – $4.00


2. Sleepover Accessories [includes pretend popcorn, 2 pretend drinks, Apple to Apple Junior, Snooze – a – Palooza American Girl Doll Size Book, American Girl Magazine American Girl Doll Size] – $8.00


3. Dot Cami and Brief Set -$4.00


4. American Girl Doll Sport Watch – 3.00

5. Julie Mini Doll – $8.00

6. Kirsten Mini Doll – $8.00


7. Julie’s Accessories  [includes purse, purple hat, a necklace that says Julie, and a pretend quarter] – $10.00


8. Ivy’s Accessories [includes jean purse and pink beret] – 8.00



9. Cozy Sleepover [includes pillow and american girl doll sleeping bag] – $14.00



10. Pretty Pink Coat [includes pink coat and silver boots with pink ribbon] – $12.00


11. Spooky Fun Outfit [includes orange and yellow leggings, orange tutu, black shoes, and black shirt with a ghost on it] – $12.00



12. McKenna’s Warm Up Outfit [includes pink and orange sweater, white pants, and gym shoes] – $12.00


13. Sporty Scooter – $18.00


You can read about the American Girl Warehouse sale on the Mattel Outlet Store website.

Your AG Blogger,



Camp Doll Diaries Will Start Soon

I hope everyone is excited. Camp doll diaries is starting on June 13th, 2014. My dolls have already been preparing. I have some easy crafts ideas. I’m 95% sure Isabelle will be joining camp doll diaries in mid July.  7 more days of school and then i’ll have lots of time to write! Here are some crafts we will do. A few are my ideas.

1. American Girl Highlights – my idea

2. American Girl Dog Leash – my idea

3. Doll Name Tags

and many others. Make sure you have yarn. Almost all my ideas include yarn! My post American Girl Camp Intro. has the link to camp doll diaries. I’ve gotten 5 views today and 4 visitors! I’ve gotten 4, 625 people on my blog! Anyway, i’ll have more posts soon. Adios!

Your American Girl Fan,


American Girl Camp – Saige


Hi everyone. Until American Girl Camp comes on June 2nd we will start the American Girl story. Today we will start Saige’s story So here we go……


Saige Copeland woke up in the suburb of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The air smelled of honey and cornbread…. cornbread! Saige sat up and smiled. Saige ran out the bedroom down the hall and sat down at the top of the stairs. She pushed off and went bumping down the stairs. At the bottom she stood up and smiled. “Hi Mom” Saige said sitting down at the table. “Hi honey” Saige’s mom replied. Saige’s mom set down a plate. Saige took a bite of the cornbread it was soft, creamy, and sweet. “Mmm.. it’s delicious mom” Saige mumbled with a full mouth. “Oh honey, I wanted to show you this,” Saige’s mom said suddenly. Saige’s mom got her iPad and clicked some stuff and then she passed the iPad to Saige. It read:


Camp Green Willow is a beautiful summer camp located in Little Rock, Arkansas. There are crafts, horseback riding, nature class, swimming, and many other things. We go on field trips to Hot Springs and other places in the Southeast. Your girls will share a nice room with 3 other girls. There are two bunk beds, four desks, a bathroom, a kitchen, and living room. It goes from June 2nd, 2014 to September 2nd, 2014. Girls will meet other girls. It’s $500.00 dollars only.




“So want to do it?” Saige’s mom asked. Saige’s eyes widened. “Yes, yes of course” Saige yelled. She danced around the kitchen. Saige ran up the stairs excitedly. Saige put on her tunic outfit. Saige pulled on her backpack and yelled “good bye mom, good bye dad.”

At school she sat down next to her best friend Gaby. Their teacher Mrs. Applewood started talking. They all had written reports about food from different countries. Gaby’s was about German foods. She brought in some gingerbread and jelly doughnuts. Saige’s mom loves to cook and made Sugar Cakes, Sweet Potato Pudding, and Coconut Pie.

After school Saige told mom about the delicious desserts. It was a terrific day.


I hope you enjoyed the story everyone.

Your story maker,




American Girl Camp Intro.

Camp Doll Diaries CamperJosefina

Hi everybody. My mom and I thought of a great blog idea. It’s a series called American Girl Camp. It’s about my American Girls, Josefina and Saige and my mom’s American Girl Addy. My mom is going to represent Addy and she’ll write on my blog too. They go to a camp called Camp Green Willow. Addy, Josefina, and Saige live in Little Rock, Arkansas. It starts Monday, June 2nd, 2014. It ends Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014. We will be posting some crafts, pictures of them at camp, some games they play, pictures of them on field trips, and writing! The’ll also meet some animals at camp too. I hope you enjoy the American Girl Camp series!!!!

If you would like to have your AG or OG doll go to camp this summer, visit the Doll Diaries blog where we got the idea from.

Isabelle Palmer

Hi bloggers! Not only am I a history buff and a Jammer, I’m an American Girl Fan. I have Josefina Montoya and Saige Copeland. My mom has Addy Walker. Addy’s real name is Aduke and Josefina’s is Maria. Josefina’s mom’s name was Maria. So people called Josefina, Josefina[in spanish Hosefina] because Josefina was her middle name.

The new girl of the year is Isabelle Palmer from……… GEORGETOWN, WASHINGTON D.C. I put that on caps lock because I have been to Washington D.C six times and to Georgetown one time, or was it two? Anyway, Isabelle is a ballerina. She wants to go to Anna Hart School of Performing Arts. She gets in but is comparing herself to others.

I got the Isabelle book #1. I read it in one day it was so good. The author Laurence Yep is so good. Three cheers for him.  He attended Marquette University.

I did ballet when I was three, four, and five. I was going to be a flower in Alice in Wonderland but I had to go to a birthday party. When I heard about Isabelle, I started to want to take ballet class again. I’m going to be the new girl in class like Isabelle. I’ll be wearing a black leotard, a black skirt, pink tights, and pink leather slippers. It’s a month and twelve days until my birthday then I will turn nine like Isabelle.


Your AG blogger,


My First Two Days of School

It was a busy first two days of school. I am in third grade already. Oh I almost forget to tell you that I have a locker. I share with a friend. The locker number is 373. Today is my second day of school.  I did my morning chores like DLR – Daily Language Review. Taking lunch account. Then we had math. We did bar graphs. My data question was,  ‘What is your favorite state?’ I got two for Washington D.C, two for California, seven for Wisconsin, and six for other.  Then we went to music class. We got to met our new music teacher.  She is from Colorado. Then we went to PE.  We just learned about the rules.

Then finally we got to go outside. I played helicopter, the French version of duck duck goose, and electricity. It was so fun. Then we had lunch and I finally got to eat my chocolate pudding in peace because yesterday I had to gobble up my pudding in about 30 seconds. There are only 20 minutes and sometimes only 10 minutes of lunch time. Then we went upstairs to our classroom. We put our lunches away then did readers workshop where we read books and share them with are reading partner. I brought a book called Thea Stilton and the Dragons Code. I  shared it with my reading buddy. Then we read a book are teacher picked out for us. I read My Brother’s Keeper: Virginia’s Civil War Diary. It is the best book ever. I love it.

Then we had second recess. My friend from France and I played the french version of duck duck goose again. It was so fabulous. Then we went back to the classroom for 45 minutes then went home. We took the book are teacher picked out for us home for homework.  At least tomorrow there is no school tomorrow . Well I better get back to reading my book!

Your blogger,


PS. my mom got the Addy American Girl doll for her birthday.