Lucky Broken Girl: Book Review

Hello! Today I have a book review on the new book Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar. Enjoy!

The book takes place in New York City from 1966 – 1967. A young Cuban – Jewish girl named Ruthie Mizrahi has recently emigrated from Cuba to Queens, New York. She is proclaimed the Hopscotch Queen of Queens of the neighborhood. That is until she is in a terrifying car accident and breaks her leg.

Ruthie is confined to her bed and is in a body cast. She longs to explore the world, yet while she lays there she meets many interesting people who tell their stories to her.

My personal favorite part of this book is all the multicultural characters in it and how it is so intriguing. I read this book in one whole day, I couldn’t stop myself!

I hope you enjoyed this quick, little book review. Stay tuned for more posts! ~ Mara


My Favorite All – Time Books

Hello everyone! It’s Mara here with a post on all of my favorite books. Each book is linked to it’s GoodReads summary. Also, these are in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

I defiantly recommend all of these books to mostly girl middle grade readers! Next I put the books into order of my favorites (this was extremely hard to do.)

  1. Maybe A Fox by Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee
  2. Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
  3. Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk
  4. The World From Up Here by Cecilia Galante
  5. The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
  6. Hour of the Bees by Lindsey Eager
  7. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by Barry Denenberg
  8. I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
  9. Heaven Looks A Lot Like A Mall by Wendy Mass
  10. Taking Flight by Michaela DePrince
  11. Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio by Peg Kehret
  12. Saving Sky by Diane Stanley

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Scranimals – Book Review

Hi everyone.  I felt like doing another blog post today. This time it is a book review. The next paragraph is how I found the book.

I went to the library and signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge. It tells you to read specific kind of genre. Like mystery books, poetry books, non – fiction, fiction, and other categories. I was supposed to read a book of poems. My mom was looking around by the graphic novels and magazines. I went to the back of the library to find a poetry book. I went down the a aisle whispering to myself  “cooking books, space books, atlas.” Strange it said this was the poetry aisle. I went back down the aisle. As I looked between the cooking and space books I found poetry books. As you all know I’m going on vacation in  a week. There were mostly huge books of poetry. Since, I’m going on vacation in a week I probably shouldn’t get a big book. I looked for a smaller book. I pulled out a book called Scranimals. It was by JACK PRELUTSKY! I learned about him in second grade. I looked through it. This was the book.

Scranimals is by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by Peter Sis. I want to thank Jack Prelutsky and Peter Sis. You worked together and made a fantastic book. I enjoyed it so so much. Anyway Scranimals is poems that combine two animals together,  combine an animal and a food, or combine an animal and a plant. This book gave me the giggles. I’ll list the animal names:

Rhinocerose  – rhino and rose = rye – noss – ur -oze

Spinachicken – spinch  and chicken = spin – itch – ick – inz

Camelberta Peach – this one i’m not sure about. I think a camel, a sheep, and a peach = cam – ull – burr – tuh

Potatoad – potato and toad = poe – tay – toad

Cardinalbacore – i’m stumped on this one. It’s a cardinal and something. Comment if you have a idea =car – din – al – buh – core

Hippopotamushroom – hippopotamus and mushroom = hip – uh – pot – uh – mush – room

Parrotters – Parrot and otter = paa – rot – urz

Porcupineapple – Porcupine and pineapple = por – cue – pie – nap – ul

Broccolions- Broccoli and lion = brock – uh – lie – unz

Antelopetunia – Antelope and petunia = an – till – oh –  puh – tune – yuh

Stormy Petrelephant – Elephant and something else. Comment if you have a idea =  peh – trell – uh – font

Toucanemone -Toucan and something else. Comment if you have a idea = two – can – em – uh – neez

Radishark – Radish and shark -= rad – ish – ark

Bananaconda- Banana and Anaconda = buh – na – nuh – con -duh

Mangorilla – Mango and gorilla = man – guh – rill – uh

Orangutangerine – Orangutan and tangerine = uh – rang  – uh – tan – jur -een

Ostricheetah- Ostrich and cheetah= ah – stri- chee – tuh

Pandaffodil – Panda and daffodil = pan – daff – uh – dill

Avocadodos – Avocado and dodo = ah – vuh – ca – doe – doze

There are the animals in most pictures I noticed the animal before the animal and after the animal in the picture. For example in the Toucanemone picture you see the Stormy Petrelephant which came before the Toucanemone and the head of the Radishark which comes after the Toucanemone.  Well that is all for now. Tomorrow it will be exactly a week until vacation yay!  Bye.

Your poetry friend,



The Birchbark House – Book Review

This a book review I wrote on one of my all time favorite books called The Birchbark House. Here it is:

The Birchbark House is a fabulous book written by Louise Erdrich, a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of the Ojibwa. The Birchbark House has won the Jane Addams Children Book Award and the National Book Award. While reaching her family history, Ms. Erdrich was inspired to write The Birchbark House. Louise Erdrich wrote three sequels to The Birchbark House. The sequels are Game of Silence, The Porcupine Year, and Chickadee.

The Birchbark House is a book about a seven year old girl named Omakayas [oh-mah-kay-ahs.] Omakayas lives with baby Neewo, her little annoying brother Little Pinch (later on in the book known as Big Pinch), her older sister Angeline, Mama, Deydey her father, and Nokomis her grandmother. The Birchbark House is put into seasonal sections. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. In Omakayas’s language Neebin, Dagwaging, Biboon, and Zeegwun. Omakayas’s story is set in Madeline Island, Wisconsin. Madeline Island is by the Apostle Islands.

Here are some reasons why I like The Birchbark House. First of all, I love the cute pictures drawn by Ms. Erdrich. I also love the traditional stories told by Omakayas’s dad and grandmother that Ms. Erdrich put in the book. The traditional stories are Nanabozho and Muskrat Make an Earth, Where the Sisters Eat also known as Deydey’s Ghost Story, and Fishing the Dark Side of the Lake. I tell Where the Sisters Eat and Fishing the Dark Side of the Lake as ghost stories at sleepovers. 
I also love the map in the back of the book, that shows where some things in the book happened. My mother likes this book because she liked seeing how Native Americans lived in Wisconsin .

If you liked the “Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio” or “Little House on the Prairie” I would recommend the book. I hope you will read the stupendous book and it’s sequels.

If you have any ideas for blog posts please comment. I’d also post a link to your website if you have a blog.

Your blogger,


Lunch Lady – Book Review

Hi I have been reading the series Lunch Lady. They are comics. My mom is a Lunch Lady at my school so that is why I like them. Lunch Lady by Jarret J. Krosoczka is about a Lunch Lady, her helper Betty,  and three kids named Hector, Dee, and Terrence called the Breakfast Bunch. Lunch Lady uses weapons and secret agent things listed down below.

Taco-vision night googles

Hamburger Headphones

Lunch Tray Laptop

Spork Phone

Mole Communicator

S’more Star

Hot Sauce Laser

Crazy Straw Earpiece

Gelatin Key

Fancy Ketchup Packet Laser

Mustard Grappling Hook

Serving Spoon Crowbar

Chicken Nugget Bomb

Baguette Bow

Fish Stick Nunchucks

Whisk Whackers

Hairnet Net

Plastic Wrap Wrangler

Those are some of the secret agent things.

There is also a bully in it named Milmoe. I really hope you might try the series. 

Your blogger,


Our Strange New Land

Today I will write about a My America Series Book called Our Strange New Land. It is a book about a 12 year old girl named Elizabeth, [or maybe she is 13 or 11.]  She is coming on a ship from England. The ship is not the Mayflower though. The Mayflower’s story took place in 1620. Elizabeth’s story took place before that, in 1609. Elizabeth twin brother named Caleb,  had infected lungs. Caleb had to stay in England. He would set sail to the new world in spring 1610.  Elizabeth had took his drawing book and brought it on her adventure as her diary. She wrote to Caleb almost everyday in the notebook.

On the ship Elizabeth, met a girl that looked almost like her. Her name was Jessie. Jessie’s mother died in the new world, which made Jessie so upset.  Jessie and Elizabeth hated the boys who lived next to them. They always teased Jessie and Elizabeth. One time Elizabeth writes about finding a big dead black snake. They planned revenge on the boys. While they were sleeping. Jessie and Elizabeth slipped into one of the boys rooms, they put the snake next to one of the boys. In the the morning the Jessie and Elizabeth woke up from a scream. Jessie and Elizabeth looked at each other and laughed. The two girls become friends with an Indian girl,  Pocahontas. One day Elizabeth’s mother had a baby girl. They named her Abigail.

When the leader of the town, John Smith, goes out to find food, Elizabeth’s father is left in charge. When John Smith got back, his leg was burnt from a explosion on a boat. John Smith has to go back to England. Jessie has to go back to England as well. Elizabeth is heart broken. What will happen to Elizabeth and Jessie? Find out in Our Strange New Land and Starving Time.

Thea Stilton – A Book Review

Thea Stilton is related to the Geronimo Stilton. This book is for girls though. It is about 5 girls from different countries. They are, Nicky from Australia, Colette from France, Violet from China, Paulina from Peru, and Pamela from Tanzania. They are mice.  Thea Stilton is a series.

books are:

1.  Dragon’s Code

2. Mountain of Fire

3. Ghost of the Shipwreck

4. Secret City

5. Mystery in Paris

6. Cherry Blossom Adventure

7. Star Castaways

8. Big trouble in the Big Apple

9. Ice Treasure

10. Secret of the old castle

11. Prince’s Emerald

12.  The Blue Scarab Hunt

13.  Dancing Shadows

I only read books 12 ,9, 5, 4, 2, and 1.  Book 12 takes place in Egypt.  Book 9 takes place in Alaska.  Book 5 takes place in Paris. Book 4 is my favorite and it takes place in Peru. Book 2 takes place in Australia.  Book 1 takes place at Mouseford Academy where the mice go to college. The 5 mice call themselves the Thea sisters after their teacher Thea Stilton.

Nicky wants to  be a ecologist when she grows up. Colette wants to be a fashion writer when she grows up. Violet wants to be a violinist. I Mara used to be a Violinist. Paulina wants to be a scientist when she is older. Pamela always wanted to be a car mechanic or sports journalist when she is bigger.

Well I hope you try out these books. They are so good. I could read them all day. Well good bye for now

Your reading blogger,