Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to share with you one of my poems I wrote on the way from Illinois. I hope you enjoy!

Life by Mara

Tears of eternity

Laughs of moments

Hearts of gold

Pain of the past

Cries of the lost

Smiles of the found

Trees of life

Winds of peace

Sunrises of hope

Sunsets of rest

First laugh

Final tear


Also, I was typing this up, my mind drifted off to between 7th and 8th hour. My reading teacher [who is awesome] said that she hoped she was alive when I became a writer someday. That made me so happy! Well I hope you enjoyed my poem. Bye!



Haikus by Me

Here are some Haikus I wrote. A Haiku is a strict Japanese poem. The first line has to be 5 syllables, then the second line had 7 syllables, and the last line has 5 syllables. In all there should be 17 syllables. Here are some Haikus i’ve written.

Trees sway in the wind

The majestic sun hides now

Critters go to bed


I’m the Wallflower

I’m a sweet – smelling velvet

I love the springtime


Splendid things fill me

Against the blue, summer sky

I shine in the sky 


I hope you enjoyed some of my haikus. I’ll post some more soon.


Your poetry blast friend,













I Can’t Write A Poem!

I Can’t Write a Poem

Forget it

You must be kidding

I am going on a trip

I am going to my friend’s house

I am going to the playground

I am sick

I am going to a swim meet

I am going to the ocean

I am going to walk all across America in one year

I am going on a field trip

Time’s up? Uh oh!

All I have is a dumb list of excuses

You like it? Really? No kidding?

Thanks a lot!  Would you like to see another one?

A Poem I Wrote for School

This is a Poem I wrote for my spelling homework at school.


by Laine

Today I feel pretty betrayed.

I feel like am am going to decay.

I am going to move to where it is estate.

I am never going to say hooray

I am just going to complain.

I am going to throw my grapefruit on the floor.

I am not going to my friends parade.

I am just going to complain more and more.

I am not going to be pretty and dainty.

I am not going to refrain.

I am not going to do anything!

I am going to keep complaining, complaining, and complaining.

I am not going to school.

I am not going to see the animal trainer at the zoo.

I am not going to eat my raisin.

It is getting cold in our house so my mom puts a layer of clothes on me but I pull them right back off.

I am not going to color with my crayons.

I am not going to do anything!

I am just going to keep complaining, complaining, complaining, and complaining.

Some of my Cinquain Poems

These some of my Cinquain poems. My first one is called Dad. The second one is called Mom. The last one is called Zebras.


Funny, fantastic

Gardening, sports, working

Dad is very funny



Sweet, kind

Cooking, blogging, writing

Mom is very joyful



Black, white

Running, grazing, eating

Zebras on the Savannah



Freedom a Poem I Wrote


Running in the grass of summer
dancing around in the wind
I will go on a ride across the Great Plains
on top hills looking out onto the sea
I dance in the hill tops and I dance in the moss beside the streams
I see trees for thousands of miles
I will sing in a secret garden
I will dance in the wind
and sing to the birds in the trees
Life sings and dances around you.