An Interesting Adventure…. Part 1

Hi everyone! Sorry, I haven’t been posting more lately. Today, I have a personal narrative I wrote about an interesting event that happened to me this summer. There are more parts to the story, so you keep your eyes peeled for more. Enjoy!

The River

A Personal Narrative

 “It’ll be fine Tess, look at the river it’s so calm and the current isn’t very strong” I told my friend pointing down toward the river from atop a cliff. “I don’t know, they said there was a waterfall on the course we were taking. “A waterfall!” responded Tess.

“They said a mini waterfall, that means like 8 feet or something.”

“8 feet?!”

“That’s not that big, for a waterfall.”

“That’s almost two me’s!”

“Everyone over here” called our rafting guide.

I was going whitewater rafting with my church group. I suppose they were taking us rafting, so the 5 hour road trip ahead of us would become the least bit tolerable. We were headed up north for a confirmation retreat.

All 32 of us kids split up into groups of 8. I was with my friends Hadley, Emery, Sydney, Tess, Gretchen, Lauren, and Ellie. Our rafting guides name was Austin, he was a marine in the army just like all the rafting guides.

Once we were all in our rafts, each of our rafting guides instructed us on basic safety rules. Emery, Lauren, and I volunteered to be the people who showed how to pull someone out of the rapids. Emery and I jumped into the currently calm water. Lauren showed everyone how to pull us out. I didn’t really like the method that the rafting guides used which was to grab our life vests and then to grab us and throw us into the boat, but I assumed it was the safest way. It hurt when you landed in the boat, enough to tear my earring out of my right ear, when Lauren threw me into the boat.

After we were done with the safety instruction we all started out on the Level 2 rapids, only about 3 – 5 feet waves.  I personally loved it, the thrill of flying up and down and being thrown from side to side on the waves. That was enough to make Tess nervous though.I could only imagine how she would handle Level 5 rapids…

As we approached the Level 5 rapids we left one of our rafting boats at the sandbar closest to the rapids. This was so that we could run the rapids twice. Tess was definitely not happy about that.

Soon, we were all ready to go. Austin was shouting encouraging words from the rear of the boat. Sydney and I were sitting in the front of the boat. The front of the boat was the most dangerous probably, because you didn’t have anywhere to put your feet, except the crevices in the side of the boat. All the other rows had a seat in front of them to stick their feet under so you wouldn’t fall out of the boat.

We started paddling toward the waterfall, which was the first part of the Level 5 rapids. We saw the boat in front of us disappear completely after it went over the waterfall. Soon it was our turn to be swept away by the current. We plummeted over the waterfall. We all screamed, some of us with excitement, others with terror. We were barely paddling, anymore. The waves swept us up and down. It was like a roller coaster on water. I had never been whitewater rafting, but I had always wanted to do it. This was better than I expected! Before, I knew it the rapids were done. Luckily, we got to do it again!

We all jumped out of the raft when we landed it at another sandbar. Even Tess had enjoyed it! We all ran up a hill to head back to the sandbar. On the way, my friends Hadley and Emery were begging Sydney and I for our spots at the front of the boat. Sydney happily gave up her spot to Hadley (who claimed it first), but I was not going to give up my front row seat of adventure … to anyone.

On the way back to the sandbar, we stopped at a cliff where we saw one of the other groups doing the Level 5 Rapids. Two kids fell out of the boat. They were pulled back into the boat right away. “It would be kind of fun if we fell out of the boat..” I said. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy… which I was. I couldn’t help but think that it would be kind of fun to fall out in the almost unrunnable rapids. “Don’t jinx it” Gretchen said to me.

When we got back to the sandbar we saw the 8th grade boys go over the waterfall for their second time. We went right after them. It was like the first time. Thrilling! Exciting! We all saw a big wave ahead of us, Austin yelled at us at the top of his lungs  “PADDLE!” Of course, nobody paddled for the wave dragged us to high in the air for us to touch the water, even if we could have touched the water with our paddles I don’t think we would have. Suddenly, we jolted forward. It sent me flipping over the front of the boat. From what I heard Emery fell off the back as well as a parent volunteer. Ellie, Gretchen, Lauren, Hadley, Tess, and Sydney fell off the sides of the boat. Only Austin remained on the boat.

As soon as I hit the water, I felt something or someone pull me deeper into the water. Probably, someone who fell on top of me. My Life Preserver thankfully dragged me up for air. I saw Lauren getting thrown into the boat by Austin, Gretchen followed, then Sydney, and so on. The 8th grade boys in front of us were laughing, of course. The rest of the kids up on the cliff were screaming. They were the only ones who noticed me getting dragged away from the boat. The yelled to me “DO SOMETHING.” What could I do? The river was in complete control. I saw Emery who was heading toward the raft to get picked up, doing all the things we were supposed to do, in case something like this happened  The position where you put your feet out in front of you, using your arms to paddle, etc. I looked at myself… I was doing nothing we were supposed to do. Ever wave that went near me sent me flying up into the air. I have to admit it was kind of fun. Though it wasn’t fun, when I hit a insanely shallow part of the river, and I got cut by a bunch of rocks.

Everyone was in the raft by now. All except me of course. My friends were yelling something at me, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. In that moment everything was so confusing! What was happening? My head began to spin. I saw the boat with the 8th Grade Boat drifting toward me. The threw into the boat…. very painful. Of course, my boat didn’t see that I was in the raft so they were worried.

On the new boat, I didn’t have to paddle. Which was okay with me because I was exhausted. Of course, then the boys wanted to swim back to shore… so I had to go back with them. When we got to shore I noticed that one of my water shoes (that we were forced to wear) was gone. I found out later that Lauren had lost hers too! I looked at the bottom of my foot where I found two puncture marks in my foot, which are to this day still healing. I survived the adventure, which is what was important. I still wonder if there was a part of me and my sometimes too adventurous spirit that let me get dragged away from that raft….

~ Mara


About Compassion

Hi! It’s Mara here with a post about the program Compassion International. Enjoy the post!

My Personal Compassion Experience

My family and I sponsor a 9 year old girl from Brazil named Eliane and a 16 year old girl from Kenya named Doris. We have only received 3 letters (as of April 2017) from Kananu because they take a long time to send. For example, we recently got a letter from her that was originally sent in December of 2016. We receive letters from Eliane more quickly because she lives closer by. Nonetheless, it is always very exciting to receive a letter from your sponsored child.

About Compassion International

This is Compassion’s mission statement

It’s a mission about love. We love God, and we demonstrate our love and live out our faith by extending care to others.
We offer our programs to the poorest of the poor, to the children in greatest need, without ulterior motive. We devote ourselves to helping children of all faiths, cultures, backgrounds and race — without imposing any religious obligation or conversion requirement upon them.
We simply aspire to be like our Savior, Jesus Christ, in who we are and what we do.

Compassion’s mission statement is very inspiring and definitely wants to make you help out the great cause.

How to Help Compassion

Next I was list 6 ways you can help this amazing organization.

  1. You can donate money to the following categories Where Most Needed, Disaster Relief, Highly Vulnerable Children, Unsponsored Children, Water Treatment Projects, and Medical Assistance.
  2. You can fundraise money by doing activities such as bake sales, talent shows, lemonade stands, etc. Then later donate it to Compassion.
  3. You can volunteer at Compassion Partnered Events, at the Compassion Headquarters, and in a leadership role.
  4. Pray for unsponsored families and children or for family in dangerous areas.
  5. If you sponsor a child try to make sure to write them often, children love to receive your letters.
  6. If you sponsor a child you can visit them in there country.

I hope you will try one of these activities to support Compassion!

How To Sponsor A Child

Finally here are some steps on how to sponsor a Compassion child.

  1. You can search for a child with specific information.
  2. Step 1

    Once you find a child that you like you can click on their picture to learn more about them.

  3. Once you click on their picture there is more information about them such as their hobbies, schooling, family duties, guardians, siblings, and family employment.
  4. If you decide to sponsor the child, you can click the select this child button.
  5. Each month you pay $38.0o to sponsor the child.

Thank you for reading today’s post! Bye! ~ Mara

Walk Through History

Hello everybody! It’s Mara here, and today I’m doing a post on a play that we are doing at school! Enjoy!

In our social studies class, we are doing a play called Walk Through History, that stars all of us 5th graders. Each 5th grader has a part. Walk Through History shows everything that we learned in social studies this year. I got assigned to the part of Paul Revere! I’m super excited I got a big part. I star in Scene 16 of the play. My lines are:

Oh, and I on the opposite shore will be. All right, I will not forget.

Look! Across the river!! Two lanterns! The British are coming by sea, I must wake the minutemen and warn the Sons of Liberty. The British are coming! The regulars are on the way! We must defend ourselves today!

We have to memorize all of our lines and bring in our own costumes. I’m wearing a blue tunic with 3/4 sleeves and some ruffles as well as some black capris. I’m really excited. I hope you enjoyed this short quick post. Bye for now!


A Day At School: 4/17/16

Hello everybody! It’s Mara here, and I’m back with another A Day At School post. 16 days remaining of school! Hooray!


Today, in math we learned about terms. They are quite easy, personally. A term is like 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. Terms can be hard t0o though, we haven’t seen any hard terms yet but I’m sure they’re coming. We also took a Quick Quiz today, and I got 78% on it, which a C+. It sounds bad but it only means I got 1 question wrong, so I did OK, not great but alright.


In Science, class we worked on a ScienceWorld Magazine and answered questions and did a cross word along with it.


In DATA, we worked on our How To’s in Lucidchart. I’m doing, How To Make A Tostada. A Tostada is like a unfurled taco and it is really good!


In Reading, we listened to Fantasy Project Presentations. We all read Fantasy Books, then we had to do either a HaikuDeck or a Google Presentation. I did a Google Presentation on Maybe a Fox by Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee. It was really good, and I might do a Book Review on my blog about it sometime!


Flex was different for me today. First, I have to go back to a few months ago when I was at Cousins’ Subs [I rarely go there actually] over Spring Break with my mom. There was a teacher nomination award, where you could write down the name of your teacher and they could get nominated for free Cousins’ Subs for a year. I have a bunch of different teachers, so I chose my Social Studies/Advisor Teacher. She was nominated for the award, and I presented it to her today during FLEX so she got free Cousins’ Subs for a year!

Lunch and Recess

The 12 kids in my Advisor class got to go pick up cookies and Cousins’ Subs in our advisor room, then we all headed down to lunch. Recess was really windy, 2 of my friends and I  kept swinging on the swings in unison then jumping off at the same time. It was dangerous but fun.


In French we worked on command actions. The only command I remember now is, levez – vous [stand up.]


In Art, we are cleaning up the art room. It has gotten messy over the year. 3 friends and I sorted out boxes of crayons and separated strings.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we worked on The Preamble again. We watched a video about The Preamble on Schooltube as well. Here is the link.


In English, we did are Adjective Test, which was really easy, I hope I got 100%.

Thank you for reading my post today! Bye for now!

A Day At School: 5/16/16

Hello everyone! It’s Mara here, back with another A Day at School Post.  I hope you enjoy the post!


Today, in math we worked on unit 7 lesson 3, in other words 7-3. We learned about the saying “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”, PEMDAS. PEMDAS, helps us with the Order of Operations, and what to do first in the Order of Operations. P = Parentheses, E = Exponents, M = Multiplication, D = Division, A = Addition, and S = Subtraction. Her is an example of an Order of Operations problem. 69 ÷ 3 × 8 − 2.  If you know the answer, please comment it below.


In Science, we watched individual BrainPop Videos on the Human Body Systems. I watched a video about skin, the spinal cord, and joints. I scored 100% on each quiz I took for every video.

Health Class

We learned about health related things and watched a video. I have to admit,  I was thinking about summer break the whole health class.


We did MAP [Measures of Academic Progress] Testing. I got a really good score on the map test, in the 240’s! It was the best score I got on any MAP Test ever.


In Advisor, we did DEW [Drop Everything and Write.] This is when we spend all of advisor writing a story on loose leaf. It can be any kind of writing you want. I wrote about everything I was going to do this summer and then we have to count everything we wrote up. I had 621 words!!!

Lunch and Recess

At lunch I had pounded chicken, Hershey Chocolate Kiss, String Cheese, Olives, and Cheez – It’s. Then at recess, my friend and I raced back and forth along the soccer field, then I went to swing with another friend.


First off, in band our band teacher answered questions about the upcoming band concert on Thursday. Next, we played through all of the songs we were doing for the concert. We had 7 or so minutes left and it was such a nice day, our band teacher let us go play out in the parking lot. During the day, no cars move around in the parking lot so it is completely safe. We challenged one another to run across this gigantic puddle! I walked across, it wasn’t so deep. Well, I didn’t walk through the middle, and it could of been deeper there.


Today, in music I worked on my piano piece, and completely mastered it. One of my friends and I played our songs back in forth. I’m doing Ode to Joy and she is doing Rockin’ Robin.

Social Studies

In, Social Studies we learned about the Preamble in our constitution. The Preamble is one long sentence in the beginning of our constitution.  The Preamble says the following “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general  welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and are posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” It’s a long sentence, right? We learned what all of it meant, though I forgot it now, because it is in my Social Studies Notebook at school.


We didn’t really have English class today. Instead we worked on speaking and memorizing our parts in “Walk Through History.” Walk Through History, is a movie that my 5th grade is making, to show what we learned about throughout social studies this year. I got the part as William Dawes, Paul Revere’s friend who shone the lanterns from the Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts.


That, was my school day today, we only have 17 days left of school now! Hooray!


18 More Days

Hello everybody, it’s Mara and today I have a post on the last 18 days of school. I’m doing this post partly for interest and partly to make me feel like there aren’t too many days left of school. Enjoy!

Monday, May 16th – Normal School Day

Tuesday, May 17th – Normal School Day

Wednesday, May 18th – Normal School Day

Thursday, May 19th – Band Concert

Friday, May 20th – Activity Night [Where we all go to school at 7:00 pm and party until 9:00.]

Monday, May 23rd – YAYA [Young Authors/Young Artists] Field Trip. YAYA, is a group of about 10 students in the whole school,  who go on a field trip every year that inspires creativity and artwork. This year we are going to a custard place [they have neat statues], a playground [more neat statues], and a mansion that has lots of art.

Tuesday, May 24th – Normal School Day

Wednesday, May 25th – Student of the Quarter Dinner [Every quarter of the school year they pick a student from 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to be the student of the quarter. I was the the Student of the Quarter for 5th grade in the 2nd quarter. All 16 of the Student of the Quarters from that year, get to go to a dinner at school.

Thursday, May 26th – Normal School Day

Friday, May 27th – PALS [Peers Acquiring Life Skills] Pet Show. PALS is a group of kids who go on field trips and help children in our school with special needs.

Monday, May 30th – No School, Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 31st – Normal School Day

Wednesday, June 1st – Artist in Residence [I’m not sure what the Artist in Residence is yet]

Thursday, June 2nd – Artist in Residence

Friday, June 3rd – PALS [Peers Acquiring Life Skills] Trip To The Local Park.

P.S The last week of school, there is a 5th grade end of the year field trip, where it is and what day it is, is not known. Also, we have no homework the last week of school.

Monday, June 6th – Normal School Day

Tuesday. June 7th – Normal School Day

Wednesday, June 8th – Normal School Day

Thursday, June 9th – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!





4/27/16: A Day at School

Hello everyone! It’s Mara here today, and I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time. I’m starting a new category called A Day at School, that talks about my day at school everyday. I hope you enjoy!

1st Hour Math: Today in math we learned about dividing decimals a little bit further, in our math books. We covered 4 pages, which is amazing! We had no homework happily because of the fact that we didn’t finish the math lesson.

2nd Hour Science: In science we worked on are human body projects. Every one got to choose one of 6 of the human systems. Skeletal, Respiratory, Nervous, Circulatory, Integumentary, and Muscular. I’m doing Integumentary which is the skin. I’m making a google presentation, which is working out well so far.

3rd Hour P.E: Today in P.E class we did the Pacer Test. The Pacer Test, is a cardiovascular endurance test. There is a C.D that counts down 5..4…3…2…1 and then it beeps. You run across the gym then wait for the next beep and run back. You keep doing that and the beeps keep getting closer together. I got 28 which was a really good score.

4th Hour Reading: In reading we learned more about our upcoming fantasy project. We are currently all reading a fantasy book. I’m reading Maybe a Fox by Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee. We have do a project on our book that is due May 12th. I’ve already started it, so I’m ready to go.

Lunch and Recess: For lunch, I had a clementine, Doritos, cheese, crackers, and a date fruit. It was really great. At recess my friends and I raced each other around the playground like usual. My 2 friends and I loved running around and doing cartwheels and round – offs at recess. We enjoy racing each other around the soccer court too.

6th Hour Band: Today, in band we played Day – O by Harry Belafonte and Jus’ Plain Blues by Michael Sweeney.  I as you know play the clarinet. 3 other girls and 2 boys play the clarinet too. The girls who play the clarinet and the girls who play the alto – saxophone always sit together.

7th Hour Study Hall: For 7th hour today I had a study hall. I worked on my notes for Social Studies. In Social Studies, we are doing three column notes for a project about the revolutionary war of are choice. I’m doing Famous Women in the Revolutionary War. I’m doing Molly Pitcher, Patience Wright, Esther Reed, Mercy Otis Warren, and Emily Geiger.

8th Hour Social Studies: Again, I worked on my three column notes about the women in the revolutionary war. I finished my notes now, so next I have to make the project. I’m going to do trading cards for each person. I’m going to share a drawing of them and facts about them on the trading card.

9th Hour English: In English, we learned about articles [a, an, the] and demonstratives [this, those, that, these.] We did a worksheet on them and learned about them in are English textbook. Also, we figured out all the demonstratives and articles in the poem If The World Was Crazy by Shel Silverstein.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post today! Thanks for reading.