School Lunch Blog Swap!

The Turtle of Happiness blog and I are doing a blog swap.  “Mr. Turtle” is 9 and goes to school in South East England, about 50 miles away from London.  We are each writing on the topic of School Lunch.  His responses are below, and mine can be seen on his blog at
1. Do you have treats/dessert for lunch?
Yes there is a dessert every day. It is usually something like cake and custard or jelly and ice cream (also known as Jello). You are not allowed chocolate bars or fizzy drinks. Sometimes I have a biscuit with my lunch.
2. Do you have to eat everything on your plate for lunch?
No, but if the teachers say you haven’t eaten enough then you have to eat more.

3. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch at school?
I like a home made flapjack. It is made of oats. I like it when they do Christmas dinner at school

4. Do you have a salad bar?
Yes there is a salad bar. It’s optional so you don’t have to take anything from it but usually people do. It has croutons, lettuce and other stuff. I don’t usually use it but I have fruit and veg in my lunch box.

5. What kind of tables do you eat at?
We have rows of 3 tables together. We used to have two tables for each class but now you’re allowed to sit wherever you want.

6. Can you bring a lunch to school?

Yes, this is what I mainly do. You’re not allowed to bring in any nut products like peanut butter because some people have allergies.